Here’s how long you spend reading The Fifth Estate articles

10 March 2014 — Here’s how The Fifth Estate Intensity Index measured your deep reads last week in the land where a focus time of one minute focus is considered outstanding.

Outperforming by far was the Scott Ludlam speech and transcript with an average read time of 5.17 minutes.

The exclusive interview with The Fifth Estate scored 2.59 minutes on average.

No surprises there. The story went straight to the top of the most popular stories for the week and the month.

This was mostly responsible for a 20 per cent surge in hits for The Fifth Estate, though average numbers have been climbing ever since the Perth and WA Sustainability Salon (at which Ludlam was a guest).

By Monday morning, hits on the YouTube video of the speech were a massive 670,128.

That makes it a massive success that some people say signals a tipping point of reaction against the Abbott government on climate, social and humanitarian issues.

In some ways the strength of hits signals it is outperforming Julia Gillard’s Misogyny Speech, which hit 1 million You Tube hits within a week (and is now at more than 2 million), but which went viral around the world because of timeless and borderless resonance.

The Guardian, for instance, said Gillard’s speech tackled “sexism head-on” and was a “masterful, righteous take-down”.

In Australia it set off a chain reaction that keeps only getting stronger.

By contrast Ludlam’s speech is very focused on Australia, and on issues that some people still consider a minority concern.

If it’s a tipping point to signal this no minority interest group then the Abbott government could do well to pay close attention.

It comes with a rising surge of anger to destructive actions that are striding in the opposite direction to the rest of the world.

China has declared “war on pollution” and the US has committed to ever strong action on climate.

Meanwhile the Norweigian sovereign wealth fund, an important investor in BHP and several important resource companies in Australia seems to be about to ban investment in fossil fuel industries.

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