The Fifth Estate welcomes editorial contributions to our opinion column Spinifex.

Submissions must be 700+ words and focus on issues of interest to our readers and must be free of any self-promotion.

However, we invite authors to submit a short bio (two or three lines) about themselves and their work and this will be published at the end of an article.

Please get in touch to receive a full list of guidelines for submitting work. This will include requests to use links to cite references, not footnotes, and to accompany the article with a large format photo where possible, although this is not essential.

Please do not embed photos or use special formatting as we cannot reproduce this online.

We reserve the right to rewrite captions and edit work with the proviso that substantial changes will be checked with the author first.

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Comments guidelines

The Fifth Estate welcomes opinions and debate on our site but it must be respectful and free of negative personal comments. We will moderate comments and delete or edit as we believe appropriate. If substantial editing is required we will consult with the author.