Here are the stories that have galvanised our readers in the past few weeks leading up to the election.

Stories on the candidates rated very strongly but so too did a range of other stories that show a big uptick of interest in sustainability in general.

You can see this by the long dwell times. Get set for even bigger interest in sustainability and climate.

On the deep differences between Teal and Green00:06:32
Metricon Homes founder Mario Biasin passes aged 7100:03:44
Nikola Tesla dreamed of free electricity; what happened?00:06:50
Metricon in trouble 00:02:59
On Nicolette Boele and why she’s running for Bradfield as an independent00:05:44
Ninety per cent of Australian consumers want sustainable products00:06:56
Here’s an alternative to lithium batteries: meet the Aussie company leading the charge00:04:47
Are you sick of the ongoing debate about 7 star homes? Here is the way forward00:03:29
News of western Sydney’s heat shelters is now global – time to bring back the “cooling” SEPP Mr Perrottet?00:05:48
You’re wrong Matt Canavan. Especially on lithium. Here’s a Western Australian response00:05:41
Daniel Andrews invests $30 million in ARKit sustainable prefab modular homes00:02:38
Self-driving EVs aren’t the answer: how cars are a roadblock to active transport00:03:32
Labor’s shared equity scheme makes housing a serious election issue – at last. Here’s the verdict00:04:47
The reasons behind our housing crisis are clear…if we care to look00:06:59
There’s a $16.3 billion windfall from density near stations – so what’s stopping us?00:05:56
Anglicare and GroupGSA in social housing project for older single women00:03:19
When is a bunker not a bunker? Say hello to fire-resilient homes00:05:14
Down the memory hole: Design and Place SEPP documents pulled from government websites 00:02:39
Take a look at how Computershare is responding to Covid with its refurbed global HQ in Melbourne00:03:43
On SEPP-Gate and why it’s a national issue00:05:40
Wheelie popular: E-bikes take charge of the roads00:07:43
Metricon hoses down “rumours” about its imminent demise, following a meeting with the Victoria’s treasurer00:03:20
Australia’s terrible urban streets and why we build them00:04:46
Amanda Sturgeon off to Amsterdam for bigger impact00.02:57

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