GREEN GIGS AND GOVERNMENT TENDERS: Water recycling in Melbourne, market researcher to assess customer satisfaction with Sydney’s train systems and other sustainable work to keep the wheels turning through these challenging times.

Recycled water is already an important component of Australia’s water conservation strategy but most places have far from realised their water recycling potential.

The South East Water Corporation, one of Melbourne’s three state owned water retailers, is looking for local, south east Melbourne laboratory works and sampling assistance.

As per the contract, labs will assist across five fields: drinking and recycled water, trade waste, tech support and environmental services, recycling water plants and rain-to-hot services.

South East Water provides water services to 1.75 million Australians. By learning more about how to safely treat and use recycled water, there’s hope these water saving strategies can spread across the country.

The tender closes 18 May 2020 at 2:00 pm AEST — see more details here.

Better public transport in Sydney

Want to know how well your public transport system is working? Ask the people who use it every day.

Sydney Trains is looking for market researchers to assess customer sentiments around Sydney Trains and the NSW TrainLink as part of the Customer Experience Management Program.

Researchers will conduct customer sentiment surveys, service quality assessments and mystery shops in a live service environment to record and measure customer experiences. In addition, providers will be in charge of enabling an interface platform to collect data and alerts from personnel across a wide geographical area.

Sydney Trains and Transport NSW are already laying the groundwork to better improve experiences and efficiency with the More Trains, More Services initiative.

Improving the public transport experience for everyday commuters can help transition Sydney away from its reliance on cars towards a more sustainable and community centered form of transportation.

The bid closes 25 May 2020 at 2:00 pm AEST — see more details here.

Engineer needed to modernise Queensland’s public transport

Do you have what it takes to bring Queensland’s transportation up to the next level?

The Queensland Department of Transportation is seeking quotes from qualified applicants for a project engineer position specialising in electrical and intelligent transport systems for the north coast region.

The project engineer will be responsible for managing and advising on transport and road infrastructure projects, coordinating with both internal and external design teams and signing off on project designs amongst other duties.

This position opens up an opportunity for innovative engineers to implement more sustainable and original transportation infrastructure to encourage more efficient use of Queensland’s public transportation.

The bid closes 12 May 2020 at 5:00 pm AEST — see more details here.

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