The Victoria Department of Environment is looking for a statewide facilities management service to help keep its operation running smoothly.

Responsibilities include site maintenance and repairs, security services, health and safety services, sanitation and managing any potential risks from project works or handovers.

The winning supplier will also be in charge of promoting the department’s sustainable objective, monitoring any environmental impacts and providing any advice on how to improve environmental management.

The tender closes 11 June 2020 — see more details here.

The new face of Water Sensitive SA

Water Sensitive SA is looking for a new program manager to be the face of water sensitive urban design in South Australia.

Water sensitive urban design is an approach to urban design that integrates the urban water cycle, such as wastewater and stormwater, into the built and natural environments to create urban landscapes that protect the environment, manage resources and improve city conditions.

Since 2014, Water Sensitive SA has been working alongside the Green Adelaide Board to provide support and training to improve policy and planning for more sustainable communities.

The program manager will be responsible for managing project deliveries and subcontractors, engaging with researchers, expanding connections with sensitive water cities, communicating with stakeholders and advocating for water sensitive urban design across the state.

The organisation is looking for qualified candidates with previous management experience, experience in water supply, environmental planning or a related field and a genuine passion for sustainability.

The contract lasts for one year, with a possibility of four one-year extensions.

Bids close 18 June 2020  — see more details here.

Funding proposal for NSW paper waste

New South Wales is taking its first step toward dealing with its paper waste problem. But first, it needs money.

The NSW Department of Planning is looking for an industry partner to codevelop a funding proposal to the Australian government for a new paper and cardboard waste processing facility.

This comes in light of the Council of Australian Governments’ (COAG) ban on exporting paper waste to take effect 1 July, 2024 in an attempt to take responsibility for an overwhelming abundance of paper waste.

The federal government will co-invest in developing recycling infrastructure and provide some assistance to state and territory governments to prepare for this transition. All proposals must be in by end of July.

The invitation to respond closes 14 June 2020  — see more details here.

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