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A round up of business opportunities in sustainability, including government tenders, grants and accelerator programs.

As cities continue to grow, Australians are going to have to find ways to preserve the country’s rich biodiversity without disrupting urban activities.

Penrith’s solution: a biodiversity corridor in Erskine Park.

Biodiversity corridors are a unique conservation tactic to preserve both ecosystems and urbanisation by connecting habitats that would otherwise be separated by growing cities and buildings.

The Erskine Park corridor bridges the space between Ropes Creek and South Creek on the outskirts of the suburb, using key vegetation to help animals cross between regions easily.

The Planning Ministerial Corporation is looking for a qualified contractor specialising in biodiversity conservation and environmental modelling to oversee bush regeneration and revegetation in the area.

The winning contractor will be in charge of identifying threatened plant life, curbing weed threats and outlining management plans in the region.

The tender closes 20 August 2020 — find out more here.

Rockhampton revamping waste collection

Rockhampton is ready for an overhaul of its waste collections to encourage a more sustainable, eco-friendly community.

Since 2007, solar panels have become increasingly popular in Rockhampton, with over 10,000 solar installations in the area.

However, many of these panels are reaching the end of their lifespans, whether from new advances in solar technology or severe weather damage.

As a result, solar panels end up tossed in landfills, wasting valuable, recoverable resources.

The council is looking for a solar recycler to keep these resources out of the waste stream.

Beyond specialised solar recycling, the council is looking for someone to take charge of its waste transfer facilities.

Responsibilities include supervising waste and recyclables collection, processing green waste, separating waste for resource recovery and maintaining strict environmental protections standards.

This also means promoting a clean environment, educating the community on sustainable waste practices and encouraging waste conservation and reuse when possible.

Both tenders close 12 August at 2:00 pm — learn more about solar recycling here and waste facilities here.

Reconnecting walkways in Canberra

Sometimes the best way to reconnect a community is by connecting its walkways.

Canberra is completing the shared cycle lane and footpath along the Lake Ginninderra foreshore, linking existing paths with the nearby Belconnen Arts Centre.

To accomplish this, the city is looking for a contractor to construct an over water walkway, complete with wetlands on either side and lookout posts to enjoy the scenic views.

The project also includes some landscaping work, creating a public green space for outdoor recreation and events in the Belconnen Town Centre.

As life settles into a new normal after months of social distances, linking or building new pathways are a fantastic way to encourage the upward trend in walking and cycling.

Not only does it encourage active transport; it is a wonderful way to bring back the community to celebrate local art and culture and the beautiful outdoors.

Bids close 20 August at 2:00 pm — see more details here.

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