Opening cocktails at Green Cities 2010 ends and another event begins – hosted by the green network formerly known as the nameless network then Chrysalis and now Know Change, around 400 strong across several countries. Sunday night, it’s drinks and a mini-fringe festival evening of ideas, comedy, provocations, imagination, fun and networking at the Tjanabi bar inside possibly the wildest building in Australia, Federation Square.
Elena Bondara, who hatched the idea for the network only 12 months ago at last year’s Green Cities conference, (and is immediately assisted by James Redwood) and Ed Warcaba lead the stroll from cocktails at the Melbourne Conference and Exhibition Centre to Federation Square
The view along Southbank
Federation Square already has a big crowd …Tropfest? Festival of Sustainable Living? “Why doesn’t Sydney have this?” ask the visitors
At Fed Square the Green Cities team is joined by academics, IT/software/artistic imaginers, performing artists, photographers, cafe workers, architects and leadership and corporate consultants, all with a common passion to sidestep the mainstream’s faltering sustainability transformation, ignore the failure of Copenhagen, and change the world anyhow and anyway they can. Their power, they say, is the parallel universe of social networking technology. Pictured, Bec McNaught, who kicks off the first item before a crowd of about 60 people.
At the venue, Tathra Street from Audacious Leadership, with her segment
Professional comedian David Naylor who has several digs at “cool green” in his repertoire, such as his Hip to be Green gig, pictured. Humour cuts deep, comments one of the audience members

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