BRIEF – 20 April – 2010 – Depending on humanity’s collective attitude, climate change bodes for several different end-scenarios for the environment – some hopeful, and some catastrophic. The ABC’s latest online venture, Bluebird AR or Alternate Reality, presents an interactive alternate reality drama that allows users to take part in a climate change narrative drawing close parallels to what the Earth is facing now.

Taking place in real-time over a period of six weeks, Bluebird AR travels through a scenario-based narrative in which a fictional scenario unfolds against a backdrop of real world possibilities. As the story of Bluebird AR is revealed, the audience will be encouraged to actively take part in solving clues and unlocking secret files to collectively reveal and push forward the narrative.

Although the characters in the narrative are entirely fictional, the content is based in fact, and explores the controversial subject area of geoengineering. A team of leading international scientists including Ken CaldieraDavid Keith and futurist Jamais Cascio were involved in developing the central narrative.

Bluebird AR can be accessed here.

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