A new online tool launched by the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change allows any user to calculate the impacts of decisions around energy, water, food production, transport and land use.

The government hopes it may influence policymakers from other nations in the lead-up to the COP 21 UN climate negotiations in Paris this year.

The tool includes a range of possible example pathways including increasing consumer activism, and then maps out how they change outcomes, including the likelihood of climate change above the two degree limit.

A wide range of metrics can be adjusted, including transport modes, energy sources and food production priorities, and the calculator’s results show both the environmental gain and the financial cost of those different policy scenarios.

For the first time, this calculator shows that everyone in the world can prosper while limiting global temperature rises to 2°C, preventing the most serious impacts of climate change. Yet the calculator is also very clear that we must act now to change how we use and generate energy and how we use our land if we are going to achieve this green growth,” Ed Davey, the UK government’s secretary of state for energy and climate change said.

  • Access the tool here.