Come out and have some fun! Learn a lot, catch the pitchfest at the Moonshot 2030 eco prop tech event and network.

The pitch fest lineup is exciting and all exactly the kind of tech and innovation that will help get us the future we want – our Moonshot 2030.

Here’s who’s appearing:

– Curvecrete – Daniel Prohasky, Co-Founder
– Everty – Carola Jonas, Chief Executive Officer
– Hubble – Marco Salinas, Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer
– (Building coatings innovations) – Mat Santamouris, Scientia Professor, Faculty Art Design and Architecture, University New South Wales
– BOOMPower – Tosh Szatow, Co-Founder
– Sinkrete – Ali Kashani, Founding Director and Chief Executive Officer

Judging panel:
– Jonathan Hannam, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Taronga Ventures
– Fabian Liaw
, Manager – New Business, ISPT
– Blair Pritchard,
 Investment Director, CEFC Innovation Fun
– Monica Richter, Senior Manager, Low Carbon Futures, WWF

Innovation spotlight:
MetaLoop  Nigel Anthony Reading, Design Director, ASYNSIS Architecture + Design

Here’s the event page with all the details

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