FROM THE EDITOR: We named our eco prop tech event late last year Moonshot 2030 because it’s been pretty obvious for a long time now, that we need to ramp up our efforts and targets on climate to 2030. No later.

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For those of us who are too young to know, Moonshot was what the world dubbed US president Jack Kennedy’s promise on 25 January 1961 to go to the moon. He didn’t know how humans would get there, he simply promised it would happen. Listen to the speech from a window here.

In the past few years it’s become increasingly apparent we need to take action – urgently – on climate. Behaviour change is one thing. But remember this was a ploy by the oil and fossil fuel companies to put the blame and responsibility on consumers for climate change because for many decades now they’ve known what their product was doing to us.

We could ostensibly all change our behaviour. That would work, absolutely, but it’s unlikely on its own to achieve the dramatic fast shift we need.

We need a broad range of tool and strategies – and among these technology will play an increasingly important part.

Our eco prop tech event last year was designed to ferret out the best innovations under way or in the market now that will help us achieve our Moonshot 2030. There’s an edited transcript of the event plus, as usual several great features and interviews that will flesh out the context and action in greater detail.


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