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Moonshot 2030 Symposium

Discover the eco prop tech to help us reach net zero, sustainably

23 Nov 2021 | Sydney + Online

  • 10:30am for 11am-5:30pm, 23 Nov 2021
  • Flex by ISPT: Level 2, 345 George Street, Sydney
  • Hybrid live and virtual event
  • Don’t miss our eco prop tech pitchfest – Five bright ideas to get to our Moonshot 2030 and post-event networking drinks
  • Moonshot 2030 ebook on event and related content

Glasgow and beyond has given the world a massive focus on our “moonshot” opportunity to keep warming to 1.5 degrees. The challenges are immense but the opportunities infinite – not the least saving our climate.

And at last world leaders in business and government are starting to align on strategy.

Sitting square in their crosshairs will be the built environment, which is responsible for nearly 40 per cent of carbon emissions; cities more than 70 per cent.

We’re all looking for outperformance now, at speed.

We all need every single subsector to pile in– whether we are investors, designers, builders, engineers, consultants, governments or consumers.

Ticking a box is not enough.

In our event on 23 November we will call on Australian and global experts to find out how we can deliver what the world needs now. Urgently.

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10.30AMRegistrations and networking morning tea
11AMIntroduction and welcome
Tina Perinotto,
Managing Editor, The Fifth Estate
11.10AMKeynote – Global pressures

Large corporates suddenly need to be among the most lithe and agile businesses on the planet if they want to thrive. They need brilliant and effective tech and they’re hungry for proof of concept for promising innovation. From his headquarters in Singapore, Charles Reed Anderson has a bird’s eye view of what’s critical for companies in Asia, the US and Europe. He dissects the hype to reveal authentic value and loves to drill down to what’s effective. His work with McKinsey & Co and Stanford University, also gives him a pretty good vantage point.
Hey Siri, what does CRA mean by authentic value?

Charles Reed Anderson, keynote speaker on prop tech, one of Asia’s leading experts on the IoT, Smart Cities, PropTech & Connectivity ecosystems. He’s the founder of CRA & Associates, the host of the TechBurst Asia podcast, and serves as a Senior Advisory to McKinsey & Company on IoT, Smart Cities & Innovation.

Tina Perinotto
11.40AMMagna Data: Two property owners, two different approaches

At Lendlease they say, “We define Autonomous Buildings… as buildings that continuously learn, adapt and respond to the needs of people and the environment.” And a way to unlock the untapped value of the built world. William (Bill) Ruh Chief Executive Officer for Lendlease Digital (ex Chief Digital Officer General Electric) is the man who’s led the development of Podium, “an end-to-end digital platform” that enables “autonomous buildings” including connecting design automation to the supply chain.

Shen Chiu of Investa who’s deep in a different approach will look at digital twinning, BIM, and connecting up with investors who want ESG metrics. Is organic better than a big all encompassing system? What are the human/political challenges that need to be negotiated and aligned with the technical expectations? And what is the return on investment (ROI)? Everything Shen does these days must absolutely align with Investa’s corporate strategy. Greenwash needs to be avoided at all costs. Offsets? Not so interested, thanks. His advice? Start fluid, stay nimble.

Shen Chiu, National Development Director, Investa Property Group, Co-Founder at International Intelligent Buildings Organisation
William (Bill) Ruh, Chief Executive Officer, Lendlease Digital

Alicia Maynard, General Manager, Sustainability & Technical Services, ISPT – with
Tina Perinotto
12.10PMBig City grid solutions / local resolutions

Looking for a giant battery to smooth the grid? How about the CBD? Our CBD buildings are a hungry beast when it comes to energy but imagine a technology that produces energy at low cost AND low carbon. Craig Roussac of Buildings Alive will take us on a global tour of the world’s tech hot spots to see what their powerful technologies are producing, and how his own work is redefining the old paradigms in energy. But what does he mean by Denmark’s electricity map? And what about the UN’s 24/7 carbon free Energy Compact that Google is signed up for? And why is net zero not such a sustainable idea?
At the other end of our city buildings scale are those managed by our local governments which face ever growing challenges such as managing infrastructure, urban heat island, canopy retention, energy savings, waste water and street lighting. Catherine Caruana-McManus put it this way: “there are two problems we all need to solve; doing more, with less cost”. Catherine’s company is also working on Brisbane’s 2032 Olympics that are pitched at being the carbon neutral, smart games. Her clients are as diverse as Transport for NSW, Sydney Water, Bluescope Steel and CBRE.
Helen Papathanasiou has just left City of Parramatta where she was Manager Environmental Outcomes) and will be joining another large city council soon. In this segment Helen will share some of her learnings and insights and the radical changes she was able to achieve at Parramatta. What kind of technology does she value – digital and analogue?
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Catherine Caruana-McManus, Co-Founder, Meshed IoT
Helen Papathanasiou, former Manager Environmental Outcomes, City of Parramatta
Craig Roussac,
Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Buildings Alive

Alicia Maynard, General Manager, Sustainability & Technical Services, ISPT –
with Tina Perinotto
12.55PMNetworking lunch
1.40PMTake a spin on the data lake, but hold onto your hats
Adam Beck’s job is partly to keep tabs on the giant new cyber creations constantly about to loop their way through to our everyday analogue world. There is technology to help with our everyday needs and warn of dangers for vulnerable people. That big data lake in the sky can even give us a happiness index. Think about the data points you create with your happy snaps or those last few fun tweets. The same data points can predict domestic violence if you know the indicators to watch for.
Adam says the world doesn’t need another app to lease space more quickly; what it needs is purpose driven property tech, with a strong eye on the United Nation’s 17  Sustainable Development Goals.
Hey Siri, keep an eye on this guy

Adam Beck, Chief Executive Officer, Smart Cities Council Australia & New Zealand

Tina Perinotto
2.00PMBlockchain, embodied carbon and me
Can the strange new cyber world of blockchain be the thing that can solve our most complex and urgent carbon problems? If we plan to double or triple our footprint on the planet in the next decade or two, we need to know where the embodied carbon is, how to measure it and track it. The NSW Building Commissioner David Chandler is chasing quality assurance in our buildings, but also this crucial challenge. His team is working with KPMG and Mirvac to create a system that, if it works, will be revolutionary. Starting with our four biggest embodied carbon material challenges: steel, aluminium, concrete and glass.

Our team insight will comprise: Yin Man from the Building Commissioner’s office, an actuary (who else would you trust with this amount of data?). Yin says that many have tried this intense measurement of carbon but few have succeeded. In New York the upcoming Local Law 97 mandates that you will measure and pay for the embodied carbon in your new building and if you don’t, well a benchmark will apply and you buy the credits accordingly. As Yin says, “money talks”.

From KPMG’s venture capital arm, which won the tender from the Building Commissioner’s office to deliver the work, we will hear from, Laszlo Peter, Head of Blockchain Services.

Mirvac’s William Payne will be closely safeguarding the identity of the new company project that will act as guinea pig for this project.
Hey Siri, you on this?

Yin Man, Digital Director, Office of the Building Commissioner
Laszlo Peter, Head of Blockchain Services, KPMG
William Payne, Chief Digital Officer, Mirvac

Monica Richter, Senior Manager, Low Carbon Futures, WWF
2.40PMHow Danish architects do things
Here’s what Right Angle Studio said about Fred Holt of 3XN:Everybody who has worked with Fred Holt loves Fred. For a start he dresses really well and has impeccable manners. He also merges his native Californian charm with Danish design precision through projects for 3XN where he is a partner. In a world of architects concerned more with how things look than how they work, 3XN’s pragmatic approach that ‘accentuates the necessary’ has landed them some formidable projects. Namely Quay Quarter and the Sydney Fish Markets.”

Fred is back after a fabulous Tomorrowland 2019 appearance.
Let’s ask him to share his plan for buildings, starting with the Fish Markets he’s designing.
Hey Siri, keep an eye on this guy

Fred Holt, Architect & Partner, 3XN / 3XN Australia
Moderator: Tina Perinotto
3.00PMSo you think you’ve got a bright idea then?

Jonathan Hannam of Taronga Ventures is these days a well known name, cited by many. Check out our story on him here, His job is to gather the biggest property owners in town and organise a space for them to invest in the future tech for our buildings and cities. No less. He’s got a varied and deeply knowledgeable background, steeped in real estate globally and in investment vertically. Oh and he’s an environmentalist from way back.
And what do the owners think? Let’s ask ISPT’s Fabian Liaw why they’re involved with Taronga and what they hope to get out of it.
And how does emissions reduction and clean energy related government innovation funding fit into the picture?
Blair Pritchard, Investment Director at Clean Energy Finance Corporation Innovation Fund will share his views on the eco prop tech innovations that are on his radar.

Hey Siri, where’s my app for brilliant eco innovations?

Jonathan Hannam, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Taronga Ventures
Fabian Liaw
, Manager – New Business, ISPT
Blair Pritchard,
Investment Director, CEFC Innovation Fund

Monica Richter, Senior Manager, Low Carbon Futures, WWF –
with Tina Perinotto
3.40PMThe start-up pitchfest – Bright ideas to get to our Moonshot 2030

CurvecreteDaniel Prohasky, Co-Founder
EvertyCarola Jonas, Chief Executive Officer
HubbleMarco Salinas, Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer
(Building coatings innovations) Mat Santamouris, Scientia Professor, Faculty Art Design and Architecture, University New South Wales
– BOOMPowerTosh Szatow, Co-Founder
– Sinkrete – Ali Kashani, Founding Director and Chief Executive Officer

Judging panel:
Jonathan Hannam, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Taronga Ventures
Fabian Liaw
, Manager – New Business, ISPT
Blair Pritchard,
Investment Director, CEFC Innovation Fun

Monica Richter, Senior Manager, Low Carbon Futures, WWF

Innovation spotlight:
Meta Loop Nigel Anthony Reading, Design Director, ASYNSIS Architecture + Design

Tina Perinotto
4.30PMNetworking drinks
5.30PMHey Siri, good work and goodbye

Meet the speakers



Executive Director, Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand + Secretariat, Centre for Data Leadership

Adam is an urbanist who has worked for private sector consultancies and leading global non-government organisations to advance sustainable community outcomes for over 25 years.

As Executive Director with the Smart Cities Council, he works with the world’s longest running smart cities organisation focussed on catalysing action and investment in technology and data to accelerate liveability, workability and sustainability.

Adam is Program Lead for many of the SCC’s core initiatives, such as the Centre for Data Leadership, Future of Place and Code13 (An SDG Action Lab). Adam also curates the Australia New Zealand Digital Twin Hub and the global Smart Cities Academy.

Prior to this Adam was Director of Innovation at EcoDistricts, where developed a collaborative governance model for urban regeneration across North America and beyond.

Adam was also Executive Director at the Green Building Council of Australia where is facilitated the creation of the Green Star Communities certification system for sustainable urban development.

Before entering the mission-driven sector, Adam spent 15 years with global consulting firms, including GHD and almost a decade with Arup.

Adam spent time in academia as a lecturer and studio lead in social impact assessment and community engagement at the University of Queensland.


Catherine Caruana-McManus

Co-Founder and Director, Meshed

Catherine is a Co-Founder and Director of Meshed and a Founding Member of the IoT Alliance Australia.

As a global leader in smart sustainable cities and digital transformation, Catherine has been awarded prestigious industry awards including the IoT Ambassador Award and Smart Cities Industry Leader by Smart Cities Council.

Prior to Meshed, Catherine was the Director of Smart Cities and Industries for IBM and has held other Executive positions for KPMG, MC2 Consulting, Telstra and PMP Communications. Earlier in her career Catherine was a Strategic Planner for a major local government authority. Catherine holds university qualifications in urban planning, economics, telecommunications, management and applied finance.


Shen Chiu

Shen Chiu, National Development Director, Investa Property Group


Shen Chiu is a business leader and creative innovator focussed on the nexus between real estate development, innovation and technology, with over 25 years of experience.

He is currently the National Development Director for Investa Property Group, a $12Bn real estate company that develops, manages and owns high performance places across Australia. There he manages the Investa development team and a $2Bn national pipeline of projects, whilst influencing strategic business decision making in all areas of property development, technology and related investments.

Shen is respected for his innovative perspective and comprehensive understanding of initiating and delivering major property developments through to operation. This is coupled with his intimate knowledge of the property technology industry and the commercial realities and end-to-end complexities of its integration into real estate.

In addition to 10 years of international real estate consulting and development experience, Shen most recently led the Investa teams who received the Property Council of Australia’s Innovation and Excellence Award for Australian Development of the Year for Barrack Place in 2020, and NSW State Development of the Year for Sixty Martin Place in 2021 (national award yet to be announced).

Shen is also active in public policy and industry advocacy, offering balanced contrarian thinking with measured judgment and proven experience, and an ability to turn insights into investible and implementable ideas. He currently advises a number of smart building technology companies, and is also the cofounder of the International Intelligent Buildings Organisation. A not-for-profit whose mission is to create a global smart building technology assessment framework aimed at improving decision making and the value assessment of property technology in real estate, supported by research undertaken by the University of Technology Sydney and the University of Washington Seattle.



Architect & Partner, 3XN / 3XN Australia

Fred Holt joined 3XN in 2010 following a variety of projects in NYC and London. Fred has experience in a wide range of phases from design and programming through documentation. Fred’s primary focus is on design and then carrying the design through detail development. Fred brings a level of expertise to projects that have a proper balance between design and “know-how.” Recent projects include Museum and Learning Center in Moscow, mixed-use towers in Sweden and India, and the new IOC headquarters in Lausanne. Fred has acted as project architect and Partner in Charge through the development of Quay Quarter Tower.


Laszlo Peter

Partner, Head of Blockchain Services Asia Pacific, KPMG Australia

Laszlo Peter leads the firm’s Blockchain services practice for Asia Pacific. His mandate is to work with KPMG’s clients, across both the public and private sectors, to co-develop and deploy distributed ledger solutions in Australia and internationally. He brings expertise in financial services, marketplaces, trading and professional services with large scale expert team establishment and management.

With strong business and technical acumen, Laszlo bridges the gap between viable business processes and feasible technical domain architecture. These business domain range from full end to end digital channel, to complex securities products and mobile technologies for consumers applications.

Laszlo is also the founder and CEO of KPMG’s Origins platform and leads the firm’s Ventures investments in blockchain related products and services. His focus is to ensure that all KPMG platforms add significant value to clients in sectors like agriculture, constructions, live sciences, manufacturing and banking to support them with the transition to Industry 4.0.


Laszlo has over 20 years experience working with large financial services organizations, start-ups and consultancies, bringing knowledge and insights from local and international banks, broker/dealers and fintech start-ups.

Prior to joining KPMG, Laszlo headed up the IT Strategy for online brokerage, developed Corporate Digital Channels for large banks, was the CTO of or CBA’s Institutional Equities business and has led the digital transformation for global markets trading businesses.

Laszlo has extensive experience in leading the strategy and implementation of large scale and production grade distributed ledger solutions across enterprise communities, guiding clients on a journey from inception to value creation with scalable deployments. His experience covers a range of use cases ranging from tokenised asset, cryptocurrencies and stable coins, blockchain technologies in the financial services sector, fractionalised asset investments and value exchanges. He possesses deep expertise in using virtual assets, smart contracts and algorithms.

He enjoys working on all levels from developing strategies with senior executives to talking code and design with subject matter experts.

Prior to moving to Australia, Laszlo worked as a capital markets specialist with investment and trading firms in The Netherlands, Belgium, UK and Romania.

He has degrees in mathematics and computer science, and a diploma in management from MIT Sloan.


Fabian Liaw

Manager – New Business, ISPT

With over 20 years experience in the real estate industry across all sectors and asset classes, Fabian is responsible for the sourcing and origination of new business and development opportunities for ISPT, with a focus on the education, health and lifesciences sectors. Fabian offers a strategic and long term approach to identifying, structuring and the financing of major projects. Fabian previously spent 10 years at Mirvac, as National Manager of Capital Transactions, responsible for acquisitions, joint ventures and capital partnerships in excess of $2.0bn. Fabian is passionate about the role of real estate capital and its role together with venture capital in propelling innovation and new technologies into the built environment to create long term sustainable value.


Yin Man

Digital Director, Office of the Building Commissioner

Yin Man is Digital Director in the Office of the Building Commissioner and is responsible for delivering the digital solutions underpinning the NSW building reforms. With a career spanning over 30 years, she is passionate about what makes people and organisations tick, to enable real-time data and analytics, to augment business capabilities and efficiency levels.

In her previous role for the Department of Family and Community Service, Yin led the replacement of the NSW’s child protection system. Using a human-centred design approach, the eco-system of solutions placed the child or young person at the centre of their story, connecting case management, carer and community services.

At NSW Health, Yin directed the integrated health program, HealtheNet, creating a clinical portal that connects patient information across Local Health District systems, community care and the national My Health Record.

Before coming to Australia in 2011, Yin served as Director of Morris Hargreaves McIntyre, a research consultancy, creating the international standard Cultural Segments, which is used by cultural organisations globally to provide deep insights to understand audiences and their motivations.

While at Dunnett Shaw consultancy in the UK, Yin held a senior position in the pension practice, leading digital programs of work to replace legacy administration systems and improve operational effectiveness.

Yin holds a master’s degree in business administration from Manchester Business School and is a qualified ISO 9001 assurance auditor. She was also the co-author of the new NSW Digital Strategy in 2019.


Helen Papathanasiou

Former City of Parramatta Council, Manager Environmental Outcomes.

Helen Papathanasiou is a passionate and pragmatic sustainability leader and strategist with over 25 years’ local government experience in NSW Australia and national level Government in the United Kingdom.

Helen’s strong track record of championing and executing innovative local sustainability and resilience action is most evident in her recent and longest stint in Local Government – 10 years, with Sydney’s emerging Central City, the City of Parramatta.

The City of Parramatta is face-paced and full of opportunities, and it was here that Helen earnt the title of “one woman powerhouse” by the Fifth Estate.

At the City of Parramatta, Helen drove and led several ‘firsts’ for the city and listened closely to communities in order to direct local government efforts for maximum community and business impact and benefit.

Some key infrastructure and technology-based achievements included:

Leading requirements to make new buildings recycled water and electric vehicle ‘ready’

Introducing high performance building requirements to lift energy and water performance by 25 per cent and 40 per cent respectively

Overseeing the development of a new city flood warning service connecting over 25 remote river and water sensors to provide local communities with early warning of significant flooding

Driving industry-leading Western Sydney urban heat island mapping and research via the installation of over 100 local temperature sensors to monitor and report local temperature variability

Upgrading 75 per cent of the city’s streetlighting to LED and smart technology to reduce emissions by 25 per cent, operating costs, and improve lighting outcomes

Helen has an applied science degree from Western Sydney University and in 2008 was selected to participate in the Stonewall Leadership Program at the prestigious Henley Business School in the UK.


Charles Reed Anderson

Charles Reed Anderson & Associates

Charles Reed Anderson is one of Asia’s leading technology industry innovators and thought leaders. His in-depth knowledge of emerging technologies, combined with his understanding of the market demand, provides him with a unique ability to separate industry hype from reality.

His pragmatic, vendor-agnostic approach makes him a valued advisor to influential decision makers across the technology ecosystem.

On the supply side, vendors engage Charles to source innovation, identify strategic partnerships, develop their value proposition and create go-to-market strategies.

On the demand side, Charles is sought out by enterprise customers and governments to demystify industry hype, evaluate vendor capabilities and identify use cases that deliver tangible business value.

Charles is a prominent keynote speaker who has presented at over 250 industry events globally, where he shares his candid insights on IoT, Smart Cities, PropTech, Digital Transformation and 5G.



CEO, Buildings Alive

Craig Roussac has spent the past 20 years researching and implementing energy efficiency and environmental performance improvements in buildings. He is CEO of Buildings Alive, a leading provider of energy and resource optimisation technology for building operators which he co-founded in 2012. From 2004–12, he worked at Investa Property Group where he led the development of its internationally recognised sustainability, safety and environmental management platforms. He has a PhD in architectural science from the University of Sydney, a Bachelor of Commerce from ANU, a Bachelor of Construction Management & Economics (Hons) from the University of Canberra, and a Grad Dip in Applied Finance and Investment. He is the recipient of numerous awards and scholarships including a Fulbright to UC Berkeley and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL).


William Ruh

Chief Executive Officer, Lendlease Digital

William Ruh is the Chief Executive Officer for Lendlease Digital. In this role, he is building a new business to help transform the real estate industry. LendLease Digital is developing the world’s first set of Autonomous Building products to automate design, supply chain, construction and operations.

He serves on the Board of Directors of Magna International and CADMakers. He is the Vice Chair of the Board at the American Chamber of Commerce of Australia, member of the board of the Building 4.0 CRC research program in Australia, and is a founder and Chair of the Digital Twin Consortium.

Prior to joining Lendlease, Mr. Ruh was the CEO of GE Digital and the Chief Digital Officer for GE. During his tenure, Mr. Ruh led the charge to develop the first cloud-based platform for the industrial world and established the GE Digital business unit. A recognized expert in the emerging Industrial Internet of Things he helped establish the Industrial Internet Consortium and was a member of the US Dept of Commerce Digital Economy Board of Advisors.

A 35 year veteran of the software and internet industries, Mr Ruh has held executive management positions at Cisco, Software AG, Inc., The Advisory Board, The MITRE Corporation as well as founding the technology startup Concept 5 Technologies.

Mr. Ruh is an accomplished author of four books and a frequent speaker on such topics as industrial Internet, IoT, Industrial AI and ML and Digital Industrial Strategy. He earned a bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Computer Science from California State University, Fullerton. He also serves on the Advisory Board for the California State University, Fullerton School of Engineering and Computer Science.


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