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Ludo Campbell-Reid, Wyndham City Council

LOGOS Group, a logistics property specialist, has hired to Jamie Ayers as its new group sustainability manager. His role involves “the integration of sustainability into all facets” of the company’s operation.

He was formerly the built environment sector lead at Energetics. He’s held senior roles at EY, including senior manager climate change and sustainability services.

The new role with LOGOS Group will be based in Sydney. The company has operations in Australia, China, India, Indonesia and Singapore. 

Ludo Campbell-Reid, Auckland Council’s general manager of the Auckland Design Office, has resigned from his role with the city council.

The Auckland Design Office grew out of the former Built Environment Unit in 2014. Its made up of a combination of urban designers, architects, landscape architects and planners.

Mr Campbell-Reid has worked for the council for 13 years. He was appointed Auckland City Council’s first ever Design Champion in 2006.

Andrew Scerri has been promoted to national sustainability manager, property at Lendlease.

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  1. Great! Now AC may actually be able to focus on a serious Sustainable City Region construct and avoid the hubristic ‘Grande -petite’ unsustainable design aberrations! There has never been a more explicit and down-ward regressive ‘Design/Planning’ focus to the Auckland Region for maybe 30 years. Of course, a limited focus only positively impacts on the few (The ‘oligarchs’ )- never the real needs of the many (The ‘caretakers’ ). IMO, A classic reign of the ego! Well gone! Cheers LUDO!