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Claire Ferres Miles has been appointed the new chief executive officer of Sustainability Victoria.

Ms Ferres Miles will lead Victoria’s climate and energy programs, as well as efforts to boost the state’s recycling sector.

She was previously City of Melbourne’s director of City Strategy and Place. In 2017, she was recognised as one of Victoria’s “Top 50 Public Sector Women”.

Ms Ferres Miles takes over from interim CEO Carl Muller, the agency’s director corporate services, who stepped in after former CEO Stan Krpan, left to head up Solar Victoria with its $1.2 billion solar homes package.

It’s a good time to start in the job. On 1 November Victoria banned plastic bags with stiff fines of up to nearly $50,000 for businesses that sell the banned bags or give customers “false or misleading information, about whether or not a bag is the wrong type of plastic”.

In the past, Victorians have used 1 billion plastic shopping bags each year and 10 million of those ended up in the environment.

From Auckland to Wyndham

Former general manager of the Auckland Design Office at Auckland Council, Ludo Campbell-Reid, who’s taking on a job Wyndham Council in Melbourne, as director, city design and liveability comes with an interesting track record.

Described as a colourful and energetic figure” by NZ’s Stuff, Campbell-Reid ruffled feathers in Kiwiland’s capital for promoting such subversive actions as inner city transformations in the form of shared spaces.

He was also behind early work to reduce vehicle access to parts of the city making him a target by from recent mayoral hopeful for Auckland John Tamihere who accused Campbell-Reid being anti car.

But Campbell-Reid said, “I know that the city has been set on a new path and Auckland is in a much better position than when I found it.”

“As an urban designer and city planner, nothing could be more satisfying.”

Auckland Council’s chief executive Stephen Town paid tribute to the work of Campbell-Reid and his team in changing the face of the inner city, according to Stuff. 

John J Lyons has been appointed US marketing agent for Australian tyre-recycling company Green Distillation Technologies. In this role, he will represent the company and its “world-first tyre recycling process” to the US tire collection industry and equity funds.

International demand for the Australian-developed resource recovery process – which turns end-of-life car, truck and oversize tyres into high value oil, carbon and steel – is strong, and includes a deal for five processing plants in South Africa under a Memorandum of Understanding. Interest in the solution has been particularly strong from the US.

Lyons is the president of J Lyons Marketing, a Pennsylvanian based marketing consultancy firm, which describes itself as a “technology matchmaker”.

The AustralianSuper board has appointed Claire Keating as a new director. She joins the industry super fund with over 25 years’ experience specialising in superannuation and funds management.

She’s been a partner of PWC and held other managerial roles at the consultancy firm.

Ms Keating’s other governance roles have included director and audit committee chair of CARE Super and SAS Trustee Corporation, and deputy chair and Audit Committee Chair of Victorian Managed Insurance Authority.

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