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A special report on university campuses and educational buildings in a carbon-constrained era

We’re planning a special report on university campuses and educational buildings.

While many universities divested from coal a few years back, the big question is, are their campuses following suit?

Given so much of the innovation on clean energy and sustainable materials is coming from university research we’d expect big sustainability advances, right?

How are other educational buildings faring?

This special report will be published in collaboration with The Green List in the first week of March through its own dedicated newsletter and social media exposure.

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  1. Thanks for this opportunity to comment.

    I fully support the thrust of this project, and particularly wish that it can advise and design educational facilities with maximim control of solar radiation striking buildings.

    With tempetatures predicted to hit 50deg in Sydney and Melbourne in the coming decades, the subject of radiation impact is crucial in curtailing expensive airconditioning and the power needed to drive it.

    We need only look to places like Brisbane and QLD to see 1980s city buildings with multiple balcony recesses,as well as residences with the angled shading of glazing.

    Then apply this thinking to educational biildings on a vast scale.

    But FIFTH ESTATE readers must face the unpalatable fact that the suite of recently revised insulation standards do not account for intense radiation impact.

    I predict that on a carbon constrained environment, the crunch point will arrive that it will be vital that there is open public engagement on thermal dynamics of all buildings will be unavoidable; educational, health-related, industrial or residential.

    Leaving it all to standards has failed.
    The building energy efficiency related standards are written by Industry and the public voice is effectively extinguished. I speak from personal experience.

    In the public and national interest, this must end.