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Your guide to what’s on offer by way of government tenders this week.

New management at Changing Places

The Changing Places Initiative is ready for a change in management.

Founded in the UK, the Changing Places initiative creates accessible public bathroom facilities such as larger than standard toilets, adult-sized change tables and tracking hoist systems.

Locations range across Australia, the majority in Victoria, providing families equal access to all kinds of activities from playgrounds to national parks.

The initiative is looking to hire a manager to advocate for the inclusion of Changing Places facilities in public spaces in Victoria and across the country.

As part of the selection process, organisations must be able to demonstrate previous management experience, a solid marketing model, strategies to spread awareness across multiple platforms, and commitment to environmental sustainability.

The initiative was managed for four years by the Association for Children with a Disability (ACD), which remains an avid supporter of the movement. It is being managed by the Victoria Department of Health and Human Services until a new managing company is selected.

Bids close 28 May 2020 at 2:00 pm AEST — see more details here.

Australia going solar

Australian solar energy is about to get a major push over the next three years.

The Bureau of Meteorology released a standing offer for off grid solar power hybrid systems across the country.

Rather than wasting energy generated, hybrid solar power systems store any excess solar energy in batteries that can be used at any time, especially once the sun goes down.

Converting to a hybrid system could be the key to a sustainable energy transition, overruling the previous limitations of daylight only energy. The technology is also more cost effective than ever, with battery storage costs continuing to decrease.

A contract has already been awarded to Aura Renewable Energy Ltd, a Victoria based clean energy company that specialises in wind and solar technology.

The standing offer period lasts through March 2023 — see more details here.

M12 Motorway Environmental Assessment

Transport for NSW is looking for help conducting an environmental impact assessment on the M12 motorway connecting the Western Sydney International Airport with Sydney’s motorway network.

As part of the contract, responsibilities include preparing an Overarching Construction Environmental Management Plan, a compliance tracking program, an environmental audit program and any other necessary environmental assessments.

The bid is open to any company registered under the TfNSW Technical Service Registration Scheme. The tender closes 3 June 2020 at 2:30 pm AEST — learn more here.

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