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A round up of business opportunities in sustainability, including government tenders, grants and accelerator programs.

Active transport in Sydney

Triggered by social distancing and lockdown measures, Sydney residents have been abandoning their cars for bikes and footpaths as a safer and environmentally-friendly form of travel.

Transport NSW is hoping to make that a permanent change.

The agency is looking for help to design and carry out a behavior change program to encourage active transport, especially cycling and walking.

This twelve month program will coincide with a number of pop up cycle paths across Sydney.

Encouraging this growing trend in active transport is exactly the sort of change Australian cities need to shift away from car centric transport systems and design more walkable, liveable communities.

Bids close 31 July at 2:00 — find out how to apply here.

The Wild Otways Initiative

The Victorian government is undergoing a massive project to conserve biodiversity and protect threatened species in southern Victoria as part of the Australian government’s Wild Otways Initiative.

The Corangamite CMA, which protects the land, vegetation and water resources roughly between Geelong and Ballarat, is looking for consultants to advise on five sub-projects that will protect threatened species and rewild the Otway Ranges and the Great Ocean Road in stages.

The largest two projects will cover immediate predatory threats in the Otways, sustained removal of introduced wild boars and deer from the Otways and Bells Beach area, and feral predator control research focusing on foxes and feral cats after a planned fire.

In addition to predatory animals, a third project will involve containing the spread of Phytophthora cinnamomi, one of the most invasive plant pathogens in the world, from critical habitats such as the Carlisle Heathlands where it would trigger massive plant “diebacks.”

Conservation efforts in the Carlisle Heathlands are a prominent part of a fourth project, focused on outlining methods to preserve threatened small mammals, including the swamp antechinus and the smokey mouse, in coordination with government and university research.

The final project involves rewilding the region and reintroducing these populations into the Otways.

Stage one of the rewilding will focus on designing a cohesive release and monitoring plan, taking into account artificial habitats and climate change impacts.

All five of these tenders close 5 August at 2:00 pm — learn more about the Wild Otways Initiative here.

Helping Queensland koalas

In cute and fluffy news, koalas are on the list for Queensland’s environmental offset program.

The Department of Environment is looking for an offset provider to secure and manage project sites that benefit koalas in the Northern Brigalow Belt and surrounding region.

Potential offset options include planting new trees for koala habitats, at least three new for every felled tree, or counterbalancing threats to habitats such as vehicle strikes or wildfire damage.

The agency will place a priority on projects that help both koala habitats and the poplar box woodland or squatter pigeon population.

The tender closes on 31 July at 11:00 am — see more details here here.

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