Dear readers,

The whole world is starting to understand that we need to urgently decarbonise. It’s also slowly starting to get that the built environment is key to this, responsible for nearly 40 per cent of emissions.

For nearly 14 years The Fifth Estate has shared the news and views of critical importance to this sector so that sustainability businesses and individual champions could learn from each other and thrive.

We figured this was the best way to speed up the low carbon transition.

And it’s worked!

We’ve covered exciting and glorious innovations. We’ve interviewed the stars of the industry and watched them rise to influence others.

We know we helped because you’ve told us!

We’ve also been tough on the laggards and called out their rubbish as we see it. It’s come at a cost from certain quarters, of course.

We’ve turned down advertising we didn’t think was aligned to our mission. Again, at a cost to us.

To all those people who think we are industry funded or subsided by some quiet source of income – no, we are not. We rely mostly on traditional advertising and a few products such as events.

But we also rely on our fantastic members, who’ve contributed what they can on a regular or one off basis.

To those wonderful people, on behalf of our dedicated and incredibly hard working team and all who read and value our publication, I would like to sincerely thank you.

It’s hard to convey the encouragement your contributions give us – to keep going, to keep growing, and to keep getting stronger.

We’ve got big plans for you:
More events to bring you together with our powerful community and amplify its impact
New ebooks to help you with deep insights, guides and resources
More education and networking opportunities so you can growth your business and personal career
More coverage of the key issues that matter to you through more parts of Australia
Commissioning expert writers to help you better understand the tough, gnarly topics that stand in the way of your success
But the truth is that maintaining independent journalism is now harder than I’ve ever seen it and the competitive pressures are stronger than ever. And, quite frankly, this publication relies way too much on pro bono work from some of our team to be sustainable over the medium to longer term.

We need your support to help us continue our work and become stronger. So we can be even more valuable to you and your work.

Here are five ways you can help:

  1. Membershipwith monthly, yearly and one off contributions available anyone can help. 
  2. Become a corporate member
  3. Events: join us at one of our exciting events like Urban Greening (we’ll offer you nice discounts as a member)
  4. Advertise your organisation with us, sponsor our events or advertise your job vacancies
  5. Leave a gift that makes an impact – if you’ve done well in life or business and want to help fast track sustainability with strong independent journalism, why don’t you leave a major gift you can be proud of? We have the track record and we’ve got the plans.  

You can help us to move (the policy and action) mountains we need!

Tina and The Fifth Estate team
Give me a call if you’d like a chat on 0413 834 574

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