Yep, we promised to be always optimistic. So the good news is that 2018 is nearly finished. And we are rip-roaring to go next year. But only after a nice big slushy silly season. Not complaining though. It’s been hard work at The Fifth Estate, but good.

Highlights started with the fabulous event in Brisbane ­on happy healthy offices, (with an ebook). There was the launch of The Green List, our directory/magazine which is doing really well but still in beta form (Wait till next year!) and there was the awesome Tomorrowland 2018, thanks to our amazing speakers, sponsors and audience who are always so much part of the talent with our events. Huge thanks again to all.

We’ve also been getting more contributions to Spinifex our OpEd column, which we think shows the right people are reading us.

And most recently we relaunched our membership with suggested and variable options and it’s been so encouraging to have contributions already.

Our reach as you know is not broad but it’s deep and “loud”. We hit 52,000 unique visitors last month and subscriptions are up to 14,000 (22 per cent government). The feedback we get continues to be effusive: “valuable” “invaluable” “cited by academics” “an amazing resource” “sustainability wouldn’t be where it is without TFE” “influential” “shifting policy”.

Which is great but as you know compliments don’t pay the wages. (The rent is still free!) For this next year we need to grow The Green List and the membership, which will enable better service to you. Because you are the stars doing the most important work of all, to save our planet, and our best collective hope. Please remember that and take really good care of yourselves and your loved ones over the break, rest well, and dig deep for that special creative spirit that will help you tackle the challenges and seize the opportunities of 2019.

It’s time.

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