Brief – 28 September 2010 – Executive director of Beyond Zero Emissions and lead author of the Zero Carbon Australia Stationary Energy Plan Matthew Wright will be lead speaker at

Willoughby Council on 14 October for an event organised by local community group North Shore Climate Action,  “Can renewable power the 21st Century?” forum

To be held at the Willoughby Council Chambers, the ClimateClever event has been organised as part of the campaign which promotes the reduction of atmospheric carbon dioxide levels below 350 parts per million.

Mr Wright  will speak about his “bold plan” that describes how Australia can – and must – move quickly to zero carbon energy, a council spokesperson said.

Janet France of North Shore Climate Action will also to speak about the reasons to start a community group and Dr Samantha Graham, sustainability educator from Stormlight Consulting will MC the evening.

Bookings are essential.  Click here for more information.

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