Cox director Joe Aguis, SBRC director Professor Paul Cooper and Cod associate and SBRC project architect Michael Bradburn

On ignoring the headwinds, getting on with business and pbotos from the Sustainable Building Research Centre at University of Wollongong open day

According to Richard Evans who runs Talent Nation and whose job as an employment consultant is to know these things, the sustainability business keeps moving along. The news at the political level might be negative but what matters most is certainty. Even the axing of the carbon tax had little effect. In fact there was more impact from not knowing what would happen, he says.

But as soon as the decision is made business gets right back to work, doing what business does.

What he has noticed, he says, is that the type of appointments being made are more senior.

This includes a senior role with Mirvac, another senior role with Transfield and with a Melbourne based “household name” company in Melbourne – all too recent to name, he says.

One role newly bedded down though, is at CSIRO where Heather Campbell has been appointed general manager health safety and environment at CSIRO after leaving Federation Centres, the former Centro shopping centre outfit.

The City of Sydney recently also advertised for a senior sustainability manager on our site and interesting that the post went to the top of the most popular items for the week and the month in a few days. City of Ryde is following suit with a role on offer for a senior sustainability co-ordinator.

According to Evans, progress is still “pretty lumpy; we’re coming off a low base.” But he says, “it’s no worse than a couple of years ago.”

Signs of progress

Following are photos from the 25 October Open Day for The Sustainable Building Research Centre, University of Wollongong, which is targeting the stringent Living Building Challenge certification.

Open Day at the SBRC
Cox associate and project architect Michael Bradburn steps visitors through some of the principles of the Living Building Challenge
Inside the mind of the architect
Transparency is key
There’s action outside, too
And a matter of delicate balance
People are here to learn
A family day
Green walls: plants are being tested. Some do better than others
Cox director Joe Aguis, with “the hat”
Lighting on display from manufacturers
Research into insulation performance
Non PVC material on offer
Textures are natural and tactile. Recycled bricks and timber
The “Red List”; much feared by chemical companies, lists chemicals banned by Living Building Challenge
Beauty in the machine
On the roof is the secret weapon, testing solar, Professor Cooper explains
The public street view, with wings