BRIEF – 12 May, 2010 – The GreenCollar Think Tank (GTT), an independent, non-profit Australian think tank formed to seed discussion of progressive and pragmatic ideas for dealing with climate change, has been launched.

GTT Chairman James Schultz said that the think tank will bring together Australia’s leading minds in an effort to tackle climate change and sustainability.

“The GreenCollar Think Tank provides a unique forum in which Australia’s leading business thinkers, scientists, academics, innovators, government and non-government representatives come together for progressive and insightful dialogue,” he said.

Through its quarterly online debates and monthly public talks, the GTT will focus on issues such as agriculture and forestry, green jobs, policy, global and social issues, finance and carbon trading, environmental law, forced migration, social media and green IT, and renewable energy and technology.

GTT’s inaugural online debate will tackle issues around Australian carbon policy within a regional context, featuring a formal discussion between ecologist Dr Mark Dangerfield from GCS and Dr Malcolm Cook, East Asia program director at the Lowy Institute. The debate will also be open to public comments.

“The question of whether Australia must act now on climate change policy or lose opportunity and competitive advantage to countries like China, South Korea and Japan is critical to explore,” said Cook.

“Debates like this must be brought more into the public space, so I am pleased to have this opportunity to engage with a wider audience through the GreenCollar Think Tank.”

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