26 March 2013 — FundaGeek has launched a new educational resource for inventor groups and clubs around the world – with free Skype presentations explaining how the crowdfunding revolution can help get new inventions off the ground. FundaGeek, in association with The United Inventors Association, has built a crowdfunding portal for inventors. Boise Inventor’s Group co-founder and facilitator Reme Pullicar said a recent presentation by FundaGeek prresident and co-founder Cary Harwin was “informative and inspiring”. “We have decided to rally together on a single FundaGeek project,” he said. FundaGeek, which is based in California, says a crowdfunding campaign provided funding for a production run that “wasn’t a loan to be paid back or an investment for which they give up equity”. It provides validated “market demand” that shows actual advanced payments for “pre-orders” of the product. Details here.

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