Snowy Mountains House by James Stockwell. Photograph: Patrick Bingham Hall

Snowy Mountains House by James Stockwell Architects won three major awards, the Architecture Award for Residential Architecture; Blacket Prize for regional architecture; and the Colorbond Award.

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Although it was not entered as a sustainable house, its small footprint,  budget of around $500,000 and its design be as autonomous as possible, makes it of great interest to sustainability proponents.

As well being able to return power to the grid, the house has its own water resources, hydronic heating to warm the house in the harshest of winters, and it is also designed to be resistant to strong winds, snow falls and bushfire.

Designed to be resistant to strong winds, snow falls and bushfire. Reminiscent of a WW2 Nissen huts, designed to withstand the most severe wind and weather. Photo: Patrick Bingham Hall

One way to look at is as a creative reinterpretation of the WW2 Nissen huts and old Snowy Mountains rangers’ huts. James Stockwell won the 2008 Wilkinson Award for his Leura House.

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