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Jobs and biz news: uni green news, giveaways for green businesses, Queensland councils join up and more

Hub Australia is opening its flex-impact program for small or start-up businesses, offering free desks at its  locations to purpose-driven businesses working to make a positive difference to their community and environment. Eligible businesses need to have been operating for 12 months. Last year the organisation provided 62 memberships across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, and […]

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How one CRC is trying to change the game in construction – several sectors at once

DEEP DIVE: Now in its third year the Building 4.0 CRC remains firm in industry targets of 30 per cent reduction in production costs, 80 per cent reduction in construction waste and 50 per cent reduction in CO2 emissions. It also aims to create new high-skill jobs and train 7000 apprentices in new technologies. But how does it plan to get there?

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A circular economy can turn waste into wealth – time to cash in

Amid the rising tide of environmental crises, Australia stands at a crossroads. Our collective future on the planet, our ecosystems’ health, and our businesses’ prosperity hang in the balance. It’s time to recognise that a circular economy isn’t just an idealistic dream; it’s the pragmatic pathway to a sustainable and carbon zero future. 

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Buy your architecturally designed apartment plans and get speedy approvals – thanks Victorian Government Architect

Housing crisis: Victoria’s Future Homes project provides adaptable designs for three storey apartment buildings that can be bought by developers, housing organisations and others for $15,000. The program offers fast track approvals and “really good design” sourced via a rigorous competition involving some of the state’s top architectural firms.