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Colliers to bring an agents’ perspective to the GBCA and NABERS

The appointment of real estate agency Colliers to the sustainability boards of two important organisations in the space, NABERS and the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA), is yet more evidence that the business world is increasingly leaning green. In this case growing tenant engagement with building energy ratings and standards. Led by Colliers’ newly […]

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What just happened in NSW?

OPINION: NSW’s conservative government has just upped the stakes on sustainability around the country – and shot so far to the front it will make the other states and territories blanche by comparison. Not to mention the federal government whose climate action goose will be not just blanched but well and truly cooked by this […]

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Blockchain & how David Chandler’s team is using it for better buildings and to track embodied carbon

Moonshot 2030: Somewhere out there, there’s a building under construction serving as a guinea pig for a “pioneering” tech-enabled quality control system that will hopefully end shoddy building practices for good. Such a system has long been on the wishlist for NSW Building Commissioner David Chandler, who has been tasked with cleaning up an industry […]

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COP26 Blog, 11 Nov: Aussies now last, Scotty feels the buzz, and windown, but not before some new missions & measures to measure more

Australia hits rock bottom London: Just like an addict needs to reach rock bottom before they can turn their life around, Australia’s leaders seem to be, finally, waking-up as Australia drops to last in the Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI). Australia slipped from 58th to 64th of the 64 countries ranked for its GHG (Greenhouse […]

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COP26: Why keeping 1.5 alive is critical for a reef ‘in danger’

Earlier this year, the UNESCO World Heritage Committee recommended the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) be inscribed on the List of World Heritage in Danger due to climate-induced risk. They stated, there is “no possible doubt that the property is facing ascertained danger.”  The recommendation followed a review of policy and risk mitigation approaches, including the […]

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New Zealand rushes in on upzoning where Australia fears to tread

Australian planners and economists are currently debating the role of planning policies and regulations in dwelling production as part of the federal parliamentary inquiry into housing supply. Meanwhile the New Zealand government has announced it intends to dramatically roll back residential zoning across the country’s major cities in response to high house prices.  This simplistic policy poses risks for strategic metropolitan planning and Australia should pay attention.