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Molonglo: “it’s not about us and them, it’s about From Here To There”

The Canberra-based Molonglo group is passionate about the unique opportunities of landscape and place to create communities. It also wants to be an exemplar of good development and is sharing its learnings through an open-source tool for practitioners. Director and co-owner Nikos Kalogeropoulos will speak at Urban Greening on 28 July in Sydney. For Nikos Kalogeropoulos, […]

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Air quality booms predictably due to pandemic – alongside other, not so predictable building services

MARKET PULSE: New insights into the Australian air conditioning market show the Australian heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC&R) and building services industry is seeing a surge in investment. Perhaps not so predictably, the industry tells us that we are also seeing a rapid uptake of smart building technology as well.

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Our flood predictions are getting worse as the climate changes. We have to understand how hills shape floods

Managing flood risks is hard, given the cost of flood protection, evacuation and resilience in developed areas and challenges in restricting development in high-risk areas. In recent years, there has been intense pressure on planners in Australian cities to provide new housing stock.

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Energetics head of strategy says demand for sustainability consultants will only rise

Sally Cook, head of strategy at market-leader in climate risk, adaptation and energy management for business and government, Energetics, says that businesses need to have a solid plan in place to decarbonise their company operations, and only consider offsets as a last resort.  Energetics is a climate and energy risk management consultancy that focuses on helping […]

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Imagining the ecological infrastructural city of the 21st century

It’s a tired refrain that we always try to win the current war with the tools and ideas of the last. Sadly, that’s also true of the way we make buildings and cities in the 21st century. For better or worse, the urban forces of the 19th and 20th centuries have got us to our current multi-level crises. We aren’t going to make cities healthier, less polluting, and more productive with the same ideas. 

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Natural Hazards Research Australia, EY, Aecom, Fight Food Waste Ltd, Edge Environment, Andrews Government and more…

JOBS NEWS: Andrew Gissing has been announced as incoming chief executive officer at Natural Hazards Research Australia, starting on 25 July in the Sydney office. He is moving over from Risk Frontiers as general manager of resilience, and previously held the position of deputy chief officer and director of emergency management and communication with the […]