Amsterdam canal

An Australian startup that collects data from green spaces to see how urban environments react to climate impacts has been selected for the Arcadis accelerator program in the Netherlands.

Senscity uses IoT sensors to measure how green spaces are helping to mitigate flooding, urban heat, poor air quality and other indicators. This data provides insight into how the urban environment and green spaces such as parks and green walls are responding to climate impacts.

It will join nine other startups from other parts of the world to be mentored for three months by Arcadis and US seed accelerator Techstars for the City of 2030 Accelerator program.

The program will help startup teams develop their ideas and grow their businesses rapidly, as well as prepare for fundraising and the demonstration day in May where they will showcase their ideas.

Other start ups include CAALA from Germany, which provides architects and building material manufacturers with a tool to achieve energy and greenhouse gas emission savings on a large scale, and Pause from the UK, which provides meditation pods for public spaces.

There’s also a startup from Spain called Urban Data Eye capable of extracting valuable data from any camera in real time to track and geolocate objects of interest such as people, vehicles, bikes, urban furniture, in any space through AI and computer vision techniques without collecting personal data.

Others include:

  • ModelMe3D (Netherlands): City and asset digitisation and 3D real time master planning platform
  • Iomob (Spain): Blockchain enabled mobility as a service platform
  • Etalyc (United States): Data analytics play applied to traffic management systems
  • City Flag (United States): City/citizen engagement platform, social network for city services
  • Kndrd CoLiving (United States): Housing as a service, Proptech for the coliving industry
  • Mela Works (United Kingdom): Real-time project and task management field collaboration application

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