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A platform to keep track of elderly relatives, passive solar greenhouses for micro greens, and a contractor payment system are among the 12 ideas picked for Stockland’s six month accelerator program for community-minded startups.

Through the new BlueChilli-powered program, the property developer is offering $38,000 in upfront investment and as much as $500,000 in follow up funding for proptech (property technology) startups creating solutions that support “thriving communities”.

Other startups selected include “Early Match”, which will use predictive modelling to forecast which properties will be back on the market in the future.

“Hey Neighbour” aims to bring communities together to take care of shared spaces, such as communal gardens presumably. The aptly named “IMBY” aims to make property development applications and approvals more transparent.

There’s also a platform that provides personalised evaluations of the lifestyle, sustainability and cost of living for houses (Home:LIFE), and one for connecting landlords and tenants (Rental Heroes).

The winning 12 startups and their founders were selected from a group of 40 different startups that took part in a two-week bootcamp where the were assessed.

The 12 selected startups and their founders will now have help from the startup accelerator BlueChilli to refine and shape their ideas over the next six months.

Robyn Elliott, chief innovation, marketing and technology officer at Stockland, said that the program was started to help communities and disrupt the property industry for the better.

“The founders were selected based on the strength of their problem space, their capability as founders, and their fit for Stockland’s business and customer base,” he said.

“We’re very excited to begin this next stage with BlueChilli and look forward to working with these new startup businesses to identify pilot opportunities across the Stockland Portfolio.”

The full list of start-ups selected for the accelerator program are:

  • Early Match – Ewan Le Bourhis – using predictive models to simulate which properties should be back on the market in the future
  • Fair & Square – Anissa Farrell – allowing builders to pay their contractors on time, every time
  • Hey Neighbour – Julia Suh – bringing communities together to look after their shared spaces
  • Home:LIFE – Simon McPherson – providing personalised evaluations of the lifestyle, sustainability and cost of living for housing choices
  • IMBY – Chris Mury & Melanie Mury – increasing transparency around property development applications and approvals.
  • Lotly – Ben Starkey – demystifing and de-risking development opportunities
  • Parachuute – Maggie Scott – connecting parents and communities to get things done
  • POD Farms – Christian Collison – providing passive solar greenhouses for microgreens
  • Rental Heroes – Benjamin Burton & Dominik Chmielewski – connecting landlords
    and tenants to better visibility of property management
  • Senior Care Solutions – Milind R Kulkarni & Geoff Lamperd – connecting with their elderly relatives living in their homes 
  • Trajectory – Adam Young – making it easier to present, manage and analyse imagery from inspections
  • Yodel International – Simon Harris & Tyson Jennings – connecting your entire workforce through a business communication and workplace management platform

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