Amy Kean

Amy Kean has worked her way up the ranks at the NSW Department of Planning and Environment to become the director of the Energy Infrastructure and Emerging Technologies branch.

Ms Kean has been at the department since 2013, when she was appointed Australia’s first Renewable Energy Advocate.

The advocate position involved collaborating with communities and industry on renewable energy projects and was established to support the NSW Renewable Energy Action Plan.

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  1. I wish she would come to Lithgow. The Lithgow economy is in desperate need of a plan for the transition from coal mining and coal-fired power generation to the use of renewable energy sources. There is, understandably, a great deal of resistance from much of the local population to this idea. It needs to be explained and sold to them. The local Council hasn’t the resources, or currently the will, to devise or implement such a plan; it has to come from the government in conjunction with industry and has to have the resources to fund it. Please, our need is dire. The town is likely to die if things are left to take their course – i.e. if the foreign owners of the mines and power station simply close down and go away.