The Fifth Estate was in Melbourne, video crew in tow, for the recent All-Energy conference, picking up the fabulous buzz that is defies all the politics and is simply getting on with doing great business and transitioning our economy to low carbon.

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For our very first set of video interviews we asked renowned energy expert Jonathan Jutsen, Deputy Chairman of The Australian Alliance for Energy Productivity and board member of the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, to assist by bringing his many years of experience to bear and interview three leaders in the sector, each brilliantly placed to provide key insights.

Our guests were:

  • Amy Kean, NSW Government’s Renewable Energy Advocate
  • Craig Chambers, market sector director power for AECOM and author of leading reports for Infrastructure Australia, Australian Government Departments and Industry clients
  • Alan Pears, clean energy and climate action advocate, who attended to launch his new book, The Pears Report eCollection.

The event attracted about 5000 people, sessions packed with eager audience members, eady to absorb the latest learnings on renewable energy.

It was an upbeat affair. Amy Kean kicks off our videos with her declaration that the state of play in renewables sector is “thumping”.

Renewable energy is becoming as cheap of any other form of generation and is “a complete game changer”, she says. More renewable energy is being installed than any other type globally, she says in the video.

The community loves it too. A recent NSW Government survey, she says, found overwhelming support.

So why are federal policies not matching these trends? asked Jonathan Jutsen. Kean responds with a tactful comment that disruption requires a “mental shift” and it will take some people time to understand the future.

The building sector though, is one area of excitement, she says, with the drive towards net zero buildings promising to be cost-effective in many instances, and benefits for both owners and tenants.

Watch the video highlights of the interview for key insights. The remaining two videos will be published over the coming week and we will also release audio files of the full interviews.

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