Photo by Kelly Russo on Unsplash
Photo by Kelly Russo on Unsplash

Like Sydney, the American party paradise of Miami has a heat problem.

This week the Florida city announced the appointment of a dedicated “chief heat officer”, tasked with handling the climate change-induced surge in extreme heat events.

Taking on the job will be Miami’s former chief resilience officer, Jane Gilbert, who is also a managing partner of a resilience consulting firm.  

Sydney’s own chief resilience officer Beck Dawson said the idea of a dedicated role to tackle heat was an interesting one.

In a recent assessment of community risks facing the City of Sydney, heat came out on top due to its wide ranging effects on people and infrastructure and likelihood of worsening as a result of climate change. 

“I think it’s an interesting idea in terms of how we get more attention on these big risks that are emerging in cities. Particularly where climate change is exacerbating the problem,” Dawson said. 

As the effects of climate become more and more pronounced, in the very visible form of floods, bushfires and record heatwave events, the resilience sector is growing. 

Earlier this month, new government agency, Resilience NSW, celebrated one year since it was founded, under the leadership of former Rural Fire Service chief Shane Fitzsimmons

According to Dawson, the organisation only recently appointed five new executive directors and 15 director level jobs with more lower level jobs expected shortly.  

“Just the scale of new jobs for resilience and risk management is spectacular. A lot of their attention currently will be on recovery, because a huge amount of NSW is still in recovery,” Dawson said.

The organisation hopes to better plan for disasters such as fires and floods as well as other threats such as cyber security attacks, however, much of the focus in the first year has been on recovery from past disasters and the effects of the pandemic. 

“I understand their intention is to get increasingly strategic and work towards how to manage some of these risks at bigger scale. We’re really excited to work with Resilience NSW,” Dawson said. 

Job movements

The City of Sydney has seconded Chris Derksema to the Greater Sydney Commission for six months as sustainability director where he will help embed sustainability into the next version of the regional and district plans.

Derksema has been with the City of Sydney for more than 15 years and already contributed to many of the city’s ambitious sustainability strategies, which includes a /target of net zero emissions by 2040. 

The City of Sydney has seconded sustainability director Chris Derksema.

Landscape architects and urban design studio Aspect Studios appointed Jack Qian to join Stephen Buckle as a studio director of the company’s Chinese operations in Shanghai.

The appointment reflects Aspect’s intention to expand its operations within China, which already includes several high visibility projects such as Urban Gallery at Hyperlane Chengdu, Gemdale One City Development, Wuhan and Guangzhou West Tower.

Heading the new Australian arm of French company Urban Canopee is Germain Briand, who, coming off the back of a range of professional postings, says he can finally indulge his passions for biomimicry and biophilia.

The company produces lightweight and adaptable frames that can be placed in urban environments to facilitate green growth, with Briand now leading the charge Down Under to combat the effects of climate change and reconnect people with nature. 

Our pick of the jobs

The sunny state of Queensland is looking for a state government architect to shape policy and practical outcomes and provide advice regarding the built environment. 

According to the job ad, “the purpose of this advice is to improve the quality of the built environment in Queensland and ensure that its unique architectural heritage is respected and enhanced.”

Malcolm Middleton has acted as the Queensland Government Architect since 2011 and may be looking to move on after close to ten years in the position. 

Sustainability strategists thinkstep-anz is filling a slew of new sustainability roles in Australia and New Zealand.

The company is looking for:

  • Carbon Footprint Specialist –  Wellington, New Zealand (4-7 years’ experience)
  • Senior Life Cycle Assessment Specialist – Sydney or Melbourne or Canberra  (4+ years’ experience)
  • Senior Life Cycle Assessment Specialist, Wellington or Auckland or Christchurch, Rotorua  (4+ years’ experience)
  • Life Cycle Assessment Specialist – Wellington, New Zealand (1-2 years’ experience)
  • Life Cycle Assessment Specialist – Canberra (1-2 years’ experience)
  • Business Development & Sales Coordinator – Wellington, New Zealand (2+ years’ experience)

Meanwhile, industry accreditor GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia) is hiring a Standards & Technical Officer to help develop and revise environmental product standards. 

The role requires researching and interpreting scientific data, using information from other ecolabel schemes, and consulting with stakeholders and technical experts.

To advertise a job please send your copy and a logo to Cost is $250+ GST

Or call 02 8084 2291 

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