Matthew Trigg

City policy and strategy specialist (and sometimes The Fifth Estate contributor) Matthew Trigg has been appointed state manager for Consult Australia NSW, the industry association for consulting companies in the built environment sector.

Mr Trigg is well known in the industry with experience working for ASBEC, City of Port Phillip, the Australian Conservation Foundation, the Facility Management Association of Australia and Deakin University.

In 2013 he headed over to Europe, becoming policy and scrutiny officer for the City of Westminster in London, before being lured back to Sydney last year by ridesharing company Uber, which appointed him as the first member of the policy team, responsible for government engagement throughout Australia and New Zealand.

As Consult Australia’s state manager, Mr Trigg will take the lead on the local advocacy, events and professional development programs.

“I’m excited to join Megan [Motto], Jonathan [Cartledge] and the rest of the team,” Mr Trigg said. “It’s such a great feeling to become part of something you have admired for so long.”

On Uber

Mr Trigg said during his time at Uber the tide had started to turn regarding ridesharing services, with governments generally moving from limited awareness or hostility to undertaking reviews to get ridesharing into the formal regulatory fold.

State governments across Australia have been struggling to deal with the disruptive alternative to taxi services, with Uber having been called “rogue” and “illegal” due to UberX drivers not possessing the required license to operate a commercial passenger vehicle.

“Uber is amazing and I couldn’t have asked for a better or more driven group of people to work with, or a more ambitious company seeking to change urban transportation everywhere it goes,” Mr Trigg said.

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