Dr Marlene Kanga

Australian engineer Dr Marlene Kanga has been announced president-elect of the World Federation of Engineering Organisations, announced at its World Engineering Convention in Kyoto.

The news was welcomed by Australia’s engineering peak body, Engineers Australia.

“Dr Kanga has been an outstanding advocate for the engineering profession in this country,” Engineers Australia chief executive Stephen Durkin said. “As a former national president of Engineers Australia, Dr Kanga has a strong history of service to the engineering profession and we are proud to have such an eminent engineer representing Australia on the international stage.

“The World Federation of Engineering Organizations operates under the auspices of UNESCO and is the voice of the engineering profession at an international level, addressing global issues such as education standards, international mobility, sustainable engineering practices and solutions to mitigate the impacts of climate change and natural disasters. It represents 90 national and 10 international and regional institutions and some 20 million engineers. Dr Kanga’s election is a clear recognition of her leadership at an international level.

“Dr Kanga will formally take the role of president of this international organisation in December 2017 for a two-year term. During her term, Engineers Australia will be celebrating its centenary and hosting the World Engineers Convention in Melbourne in November 2019. This will make Engineers Australia a focus of the engineering world.”

Mr Durkin said Dr Kanga was a strong campaigner for the central role innovation must play in Australia’s national economy.

“Dr Kanga’s election comes at a time when Australian engineers and engineering firms are expanding their global influence,” he said. “Having such an eminent engineer take the message of Australian engineering to the international community is an outstanding achievement.”

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