Darius Salgo wattwatchers

Darius Salgo, co-founder of energy start-up Nexergy, has joined energy tech company Wattwatchers in a part-time business development role, focused on Australian and international market opportunities.

Mr Salgo has experience as an analyst and trader with renewable energy generator Infigen, and a background in mechanical engineering.

Wattwatchers chief executive Gavin Dietz said Mr Salgo had responded to a recent call for applications to join the growing company.

“We set out to recruit genuine innovators in the energy space and Darius’ ongoing work with Nexergy, combined with his high level of personal engagement in accelerating the energy transformation in Australia and globally, made him a standout,” Mr Dietz said.

Mr Salgo said he was delighted to be taking on a new role in the energy technology sector.

“I’m excited to be joining the energetic and deeply motivated team at Wattwatchers to ensure effective energy monitoring and control solutions can facilitate the changes our energy system needs,” he said.

“Bringing deep tech to the energy sector will require a proliferation of low-cost, reliable and effective energy monitoring and control solutions, and Wattwatchers is in an important position to contribute to that future. I can’t wait to dive into the challenges ahead, along with the rest of the Wattwatchers team, to achieve these goals.”

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