GPT sustainability stalwart Bruce Precious has ended a 10-year career with the company with a few interesting industry observations.

Precious, who signed off for the last time on Friday as national manager sustainability and property services, said it was time to take a break before planning his next move.

Key to his aims over a period in which he’s been one of the green building industry’s most influential voices has been to embed sustainability into business as usual. In fact, he says, it’s been his “mantra” and he is pleased that “not only has GPT transformed the operations of its properties but we’ve seen significant portions of the industry transform as well”.

During his stewardship the company reported energy consumption on a square metre basis reduced by 40 per cent and greenhouse emissions by 58 per cent, taking its benchmark performance to either the number one or two spot for real estate in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

Precious is most pleased with the federal government’s Carbon Neutral Standard for Buildings released late last year with the support of the Property Council of Australia and the Office of Environment and Heritage NABERS team.

“It was a remarkable period of teamwork that sets a foundation for the property industry to further transform to an emissions free industry,” Precious said.

“It helps to define the kind of buildings that truly sustainable cities will be made up of.

“With both the property industry and the energy sector transforming before our eyes I can hardly wait to see how quickly we can then move beyond carbon neutral operation to carbon restorative.

“After all, most of the carbon emitted due to the operation of our modern cities remains in the atmosphere, and the property industry understands what ‘make good’ means.”

GPT said its sustainability and property services function last week joined the risk and safety team at GPT, reporting to Diona Rae.

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