Jane Henley

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3 March 2014 – The World Green Building Council has today (Monday) launched a research project to help define at last the health and productivity benefits of green office buildings.

The WGBC said that with “85 per cent of a company’s costs spent on salaries and benefits, even modest improvements to staff health and productivity can have a dramatic impact on organisational profitability”.

But though, everyone “knows” a healthy environment is good for you and creates happier more productive workers, how do you prove the business case for this?
The Fifth Estate has covered these issues in several related articles in the past; generally focused around what is thought to be the most important key to better productivity, indoor air quality. See:

Chief executive of WGBC Jane Henley said: “While there is a growing body of research that firmly supports the connections between sustainable buildings and improved health, productivity and learning outcomes of those who occupy them, this evidence is yet to inform investment decisions in the same way as traditional financial metrics.

“This project aims to identify the metrics that will support investment in greener buildings.”

Steering committee members of the project include:

  • Miles Keeping, Deloitte Real Estate
  • Vivian Loftness, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Ché Wall, Flux Consultants
  • Claudia Hamm, Jones Lang LaSalle
  • Duncan Young, Lend Lease
  • Staffan Haglind, Skanska
  • Dr Fiona Adshead, independent advisor
  • Mark Nicholls, independent advisor, Hong Kong Green Building Council
  • John Alker, UK Green Building Council
  • Roger Limoges, US Green Building Council
  • Michelle Malanca, World Green Building Council
  • Robert Lam, Wong & Ouyang

Technical committee members include:

  • Dave Richards, Arup
  • Andy Dengle, BRE
  • Dr Chun-Ping GAO
  • Building and Construction Authority of Singapore
  • Neil Billett, Buro Happold
  • Rebecca Pearce, CBRE
  • Judith Heerwagen, General Services Administration
  • Richard Francis, Monomoy Company
  • Eddy Van Eenoo, SGS
  • Ashak Nathwani, Sydney University

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