Powerwall 2.0

Homebuyers and builders have pushed up demand for solar and batteries to double previous levels following the release of Tesla’s Powerwall 2.0, according to CSR Bradford’s executive general manager Anthony Tannous.

CSR Bradford is is currently working with builders around the country to offer the current Powerwall 1.0 model and solar panels (ranging from 3.2 kilowatts to 5kW) as a standard inclusion in new homes. Builders offering the Bradford Solar ChargePack product as standard include Arden Homes in Victoria, Gemmill Homes in WA and Mojo Homes in NSW.

Mr Tannous said thousands of systems were in the pipeline to be installed in 2017, and more are expected.

“Since the global announcement of the Tesla Powerwall 2 we’ve already seen enquiries from prospective partners and customers double – so the appetite is there – and we can’t wait to significantly increase this number in 2017 and help more and more Aussies save thousands on their annual energy bill, future-proof their homes and decrease their environmental footprint,” Mr Tannous said.

Arden Homes recently confirmed it is now offering the Powerwall 2.0 as a standard inclusion in new homes, and will be installed from March 2017.

“We are working with other leading builders over the coming weeks to determine how each can fit the Powerwall 2.0 as standard within new home builds once it becomes available in Australia,” Mr Tannous said.

The new Powerwall was “the leap forward the industry needed”, he said.

The battery system has a storage capacity double that of its predecessor, at 13.5 kilowatt-hours, and combined with a 5kW solar system could save $2000 a year on energy bills for a family of five, and mean that a family of four in Sydney would only be drawing 10 per cent of their energy from the grid.

Tesla also recently announced a building-integrated PV roofing product, and Mr Tannous said it was a product his company was in a “prime position” to bring to the Australian market in the near future.

“As a local partner and supplier of Tesla we are always discussing ways that we can bring new product lines and offers to the Australian market,” he said. “For now, it is important that we educate Australians and support more homes with solar and home battery solutions.”

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