Insulation and energy-saving product installation company CSR Bradford has announced that it will begin supplying and installing a new automated solar panel system using Tesla Energy’s Powerwall battery to customers across Australia and New Zealand from next year.

The company said it hoped the new system would “transform the way in which Australians consume and store energy”, as the Powerwall will be controlled via and mobile app (interfaced with a specialised inverter) and allow householders will be able to store solar energy for future use.

It is estimated that the seven-kilowatt-hour Powerwall unit could cover the average Australian family’s power requirements during the evening, using energy stored from solar panels during the day. However, multiple batteries can be scaled together to meet higher energy requirement, where needed.

As well as providing energy at night, the storage battery could provide users with an emergency electricity backup should the grid fail, and can be tailored so that electricity can be stored from the grid when electricity rates are low, and then be used when rates are high (for example, in the evening).

Anthony Tannous, executive general manager of CSR Bradford, said that a 4kWh solar system with inverter and battery could be installed by Bradford Energy Solutions (or one of its approved installers) across the nation for less than $15,000.

He said: “CSR Bradford’s battery solutions, provided by Tesla Energy, will enable our customers to achieve far better savings on their electricity bills as well as an increased capability to use renewable energy sources to power their homes.

“Just as Tesla has revolutionised electric vehicles, Tesla Energy’s Powerwall will deliver consumers personal control and management of energy consumption. Savings in electricity are now easily achievable.

“CSR Bradford is proud and excited to bring this revolutionary residential battery storage solution to Australians, who are quick to adopt innovative technology.”

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