Our world is speeding up.

We have robotic construction, augmented reality, driverless cars and artificial intelligence. There are new materials invented on an almost daily basis promising better performance and better design outcomes. Old materials are reinvented and repurposed.

Overlaying this is climate change, dealing us the biggest challenge of all. We need resilience and we need net zero carbon buildings. The big question is not if, but how and when?

This is the future and it’s snapping at our heels, challenging us to change or be changed.

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Flexibility seems to be the safest bet. Finding ways to adapt and change for a future we cannot yet imagine.

For our built environment, that’s a tough ask. Our buildings are huge and hopefully there for the long-term given the enormous resources they consume.

And big buildings can take years from the twinkle in the developer’s eye to the day the tenants or occupants move cheerily into their new spaces. In the meantime the original concept could well be superseded.

Our Tomorrowland summit, our most ambitious event yet, and this ebook, were designed to give this industry a view, not into the distant future but the probable one around the corner that we need to prepare for now.

We brought together some of the best minds in the country to share their insights.

We started with the architects who envisage the future and cull from its many possibilities the workable options.

We added engineers, academics and scientists who invent the “how” of the future and then we invited the investors and industry –  the people who write the contracts, stump up the investments, analyse the end needs of the marketplace and set about picking and choosing from the disparate elements to give shape to our future built environment.

We hope you enjoy this book.

A huge thanks to our lead sponsor Arup; to our supporting sponsors Frasers Property Australia, Good Environmental Choice Australia, Low Carbon Living CRC, The Footprint Company and Wood Solutions; event host Dexus and our fantastic MC Howard Parry-Husbands from Pollinate.

We value your support enormously.

Tina Perinotto,
Managing Editor,
The Fifth Estate

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