Come visit Tomorrowland and hear what the experts say you need to know about our buildings of tomorrow. What will the next major project be like? Can it be net zero? What will the investor panel decide they will invest their money in? Can we design buildings for the unknown?

Compete to design the best new $1 billion project.

Pictured Tomorrowland Venue: Dexus Place

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Our world is rapidly changing. We are inundated with daily news of breakthroughs in robotics, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, sensors theat will control buildings and peer into our private lives (at work), and radical new building materials that might change form and colour or turn buildings into their own power stations.

And we need to reach net zero energy more urgently than we would like.

At the same time there are rapidly changing social patterns and ways of working. Some institutional owners are asking if they should even be invested in traditional office buildings.

Our Tomorrowland event will help you separate the sci-fi and wishful thinking from the reality you need to prepare for today.

We’ve gathered some of the best thinkers in Australia to help you sort through the daily blur and create a realistic path that will be invaluable for your business strategy.

We’ll look at what the research labs are doing, at building design, supply chain and quality issues. Can we turn our buildings into energy efficient energy generating mini power stations?

All along with one big question: what will the next $1 billion net zero building look like? And how will this influence more regular projects down the chain?

Our panel of investors from ISPT, Frasers Property, Dexus and Impact Investment Group, will give us their assessment.

Our speakers, panelists and a host of specially invited expert guests that we will pepper through the audience will ensure this will be yet another highly engaged and stimulating event.

Our ebook already under development will expand on the topics.


When: 8 am-2.30 pm, Tuesday 19 September 2017

Where: DEXUS Place, Level 15 Governor Macquarie Tower, One Farrer Place, Sydney

Tickets: $295 each 

Confirmed speakers and panellists, special guests

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8.30-8:50 am – The Big Picture

Welcome, Tina Perinotto, The Fifth Estate

The Big Picture, MC Howard Parry-Husbands, CEO, Pollinate

8.50-10:40 am – Sci-fi has Arrived

MC Howard Parry–Husbands, CEO, Pollinate

The future has arrived and needs to be implemented and planned for now. This session will cover robotics, 3D printing, new ways of designing, and how to deliver zero carbon buildings.

Short presentations, followed by expert audience participation and Q&A

  • Dagmar Reinhardt, architect, robotics research leader and Program Director of the Bachelor of Architecture and Environments, University of Sydney
  • Alex Sinickas, Research Leader, Arup Foresight, Research + Innovation
  • Alistair Sproul, Associate Professor within the School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering at UNSW
  • Ian Lomas, Partner, Make Architects

Special expert audience guests who will be asked to contribute their responses through this session

  • Paul Edwards, General Manager Workplace Experiences, Office and Industrial, Mirvac
  • Haico Schepers, Principal Building Physics, Arup
  • Suzanne Toumbourou, Executive Director, ASBEC
  • Paul Wall, Head of Group Sustainability and Energy, Dexus; Chair, Better Buildings Partnership

This session will be filmed

10:40-11:00 am – Morning Tea

11:00 am – 12.30 pm – The Materials Inquisition (Like the Spanish Inquisition but friendlier)

A panel of experts on materials will hold an inquiry into how new materials and traditional materials are being reinvented to face the sustainability challenge of the future. The panel will call “material witnesses” to the stand to give expert testimony.

Short scene setting presentations

  • Timber, the new love child and International House – Jonathan Evans, Tzannes Associates
  • Life Cycle Assessment; the truth about materials  – Dr Caroline Noller, The Footprint Company

Expert Panel – The Inquisitors

  • Jonas Bengtsson, CEO, Edge Environment
  • Kate Harris, CEO, GECA
  • Robin Mellon, CEO, Sustainability Supply Chain School
  • Dr Caroline Noller, CEO, The Footprint Company
  • Professor Veena Sahajwalla, Scientia Professor, director the Centre for Sustainable Materials Research and Technology, UNSW

Special expert audience guests who will be called by expert panels or by moderators to contribute responses during discussion sessions:

  • Dr Anita Wing Yi Ho-Baillie, Senior Research Fellow at the School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering, UNSW
  • Paul Stoller, Director, Atelier 10
  • Jesse Clarke, Building Scientist, CSR Building Products Limited
  • Andrew Dunn, CEO, Timber Development Association NSW
  • Michael Lord, Lead Researcher, Beyond Zero Emissions
  • Donovan Marney Research Fellow Victoria University
  • David Chandler, Adjunct Fellow and Industry Engagement Lead at Western Sydney University’s Centre for Smart Modern Construction

12.30-1 pm – Lunch

1 pm-1:45 pm – The Investor Panel

The Investor Panel will discuss where they would be interested to invest, and whether what they’ve heard on the day would change their parameters.

The investor panel:

  • Michael Cook, Group Executive, Investa
  • Peter Morley, Head of Office Development, Dexus
  • Peri McDonald, Executive General Manager, Retail, Frasers Property Australia
  • Michelle McNally, GM Commercial Service, ISPT
  • Liam Timms, Fund Manager, International Towers Sydney, Lendlease Investment Management
  • Andrew Coutts, Fund Manager, Real Estate, Impact Investment Group

1.45-2:15 pm – $1 Billion Zero Carbon Challenge

The room breaks into a quick workshop to design a concept plan for the best $1 billion zero carbon project. What is achievable now; how can the barriers be broken?

The investors will move around the room to pick up ideas and key thoughts, guided by Howard Parry-Husbands.

2.15–2:30pm – The Judges Decide

Investors make their decisions

2.20-2:30pm – Close and thank you, Andrew Pettifer, NSW Region Leader, Arup

2 replies on “New Event: Visit Tomorrowland – buildings for a sustainable future”

  1. Interesting program idea but is there something missing? How about a group of representatives of users, tenants and customers giving their views?

    The panels appear to be dominated by:
    1. University researchers with a vested interest in creating the next great new building material/concept;
    2. Designers who need buildings built – the bigger the better – that’s where the professional fees are; and/or
    3. Big end developer/investors – without big buildings will they survive?

    Undoubtedly the greenest and most sustainable square metre of the built environment, is the one that is not built! Users and tenants, as the customers of the industry are all designing a future of work anyhow, anywhere, anytime to suit the individual. But for that they need occupancy flexibility but the developer/investors in a ‘build it and they will come’ mentality still need long inflexible leases to maintain their low cost of finance.

    The real challenge is converting the traditional industry model (and much of existing building stock) into products and business models that the user/tenant customer really wants. That way we can really can produce the greenest and most sustainable square metre of the built environment – the one that is not built!


    1. Well, it IS a great program and very hard to fit another session in because we know that the three big sessions we have will be full of fireworks as it is, at least partly along the lines you’ve raised. As a hint, one of our investor panel members, is asking whether their company actually wants to be in offices at all. More than a nod to what you’re saying, I reckon.
      The issue of building nothing new came to mind today during a visit to Western Sydney University when a person at our meeting (who is also coming to Tomorrowland) said that the global construction industry would be worth $15 trillion by 2025. A terrifying thought. Unless everything those buildings were constructed of were sustainable and recyclable. The full blue economy thing. Glass and old tryes to make concrete, zero carbon buildings. Now that’s the future we’re turning the spotlight on at Tomorrowland. Hope you can come to add to the fireworks, Tim!

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