GoGet's Christopher Vanneste

DEXUS has teamed up with car share operator GoGet in what is believed to be the first partnership to be implemented with a commercial landlord across a portfolio of buildings.

The partnership will provide DEXUS buildings in major CBDs access to 2100 car share vehicles, including sedans, vans, 4WD, luxury and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. The move is expected to provide tenant companies with an attractive alternative to existing car fleet operations, which may be more sustainable than present.

It is also hoped the offer of car-share vehicles will incentivise public transport to work, as the option of car share will be available for business purposes during work hours, as well as for personal use outside of working hours, including weekends. In the future, initiatives like this could start to reduce the car parking space needed in new builds, important as the world begins a shift towards a driverless car model.

GoGet head of locations Christopher Vanneste said the partnership offered DEXUS a sustainability project without the large infrastructure costs that are typical of sustainability upgrades.

“DEXUS’s visionary leadership means GoGet can scale up to meet the demands of our ever expanding membership base, which increasingly sees car share as a necessity where they live and work,” he said.

DEXUS executive general manager, people and asset solutions Deborah Coakley said the partnership would provide convenience and a flexible alternative to its customers.

“This unique partnership optimises the utilisation of vehicles, creating a more sustainable outcome,” she said.

Group general manager, leasing Chris Hynes said the partnership was part of a strategy to improve amenities for DEXUS customers.

“The partnership will provide our customers with exclusive benefits, reducing transport costs both at a corporate level and for every individual within our buildings,” he said.

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