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If only architects could read clients’ minds how much easier everything would be. A new report aims to provide firms with a clearer picture of what clients really want. 

The freshly released report from the Australian Institute of Architects, titled Stronger Insights for Stronger Practices found effective communication to be the most important factor for clients in their relationship with an architect 

“We’ve asked real clients about their experiences of working with architects on projects,” AIA chief executive Julia Cambage said.

Other key takeaways included more than 61 per cent of clients believed a fixed price agreement was the preferred form of fee structure.  

Just over a third of clients indicated they would consider using a dedicated engineering service provided by an architectural firm and most were willing to learn more about modern methods of construction. 

Encouraging architects to be more forward, 60 per cent of survey respondents said they expect and value architects that act ethically and challenge them if a project’s objectives are not maintained.

And overall three quarters said they got good value out of using the service of an architectural practice.

Ms Cambage said architects could further improve their services by fostering a culture of continual improvement; however she added “practice is reporting hesitancy from clients in providing robust feedback within a one-on-one setting.”

“By facilitating this body of work on behalf of the profession we are able to bypass this concern.”

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  1. I’d love to see architects paid more if they can reduce the cost of the construction. And also incentives on sustainability objectives. Has anyone seen this happen in practice?