Sjoerd Post is CEO of Jasmax

We Zoomed into New Zealand yesterday to chat to Sjoerd Post the chief executive of Jasmax, one of the top two architectural firms in the country, who will be taking the virtual lectern and be beamed into our Building Circularity symposium on 24 November on embodied carbon and waste in buildings.

There are two reasons we invited Post, who is not an architect.

One is because we know architects and other design professionals are stretching boundaries and thinking to achieve low carbon buildings

The company’s business leader Oliver Haydon had already briefed us on the surge in demand from clients in his home country for net zero outcomes. In particular the bi-cultural Maori imperatives that are increasingly driving outcomes on how we should connect with the earth, in a similar way of course to Indigenous thinking in Australia and any other parts of the world where the needs of the earth hold their rightful place – at the top of our pyramid.

But from Post we wanted his antennae view of future demands and needs – the business drivers.

Where demand is coming from, what their major concerns are, their appetites, the barriers to exceptional outcomes and how to remove them. We wanted to hear about the nuanced level of interest from the various client segments – government, universities and the private sector.

How will his business deal with the operational pressures to meet the changing demands of our new low/zero carbon era?

The other reason we wanted to make sure New Zealand was part of Building Circularity is because, well… in the past couple of years, and especially after Jacinda Ardern’s stunning re-election last month, this country has rocketed to the top of our esteem to become our favourite climate poster child.

We know the Kiwis don’t have all the answers and nor do they profess to, but they seem honest and determined and of a single voice in setting the targets we need to beat this thing, and doing their best to get there.

Make sure you’re there on the day to hear what Post tells our audience in Building Circularity and see how the Climate All Blacks fare against the Climate Wallabies.

Here’s a snippet from our interview with Post.

Next to interview will be the fabulous Ninotschka Titchkosky, co-CEO of leading Australian architects BVN. Not only do we love her title – and for women this is marvellous – but Titchkosky has already let us in on her views of what’s critically important in the challenges of the resource-constrained built environment we’re rapidly heading into. It’s reflected in the kind of research the company is investing in – robotics, materials, building systems, all eyes to the future.

Can’t wait for the interview this afternoon. It will all be recorded and shared in our ebook as part of our event coverage.

But on the day, you’ll be able to ask your own questions through our online forum.

See details of our event and get your tickets.

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