We’re excited to offer you our ebook on Building Circularity – why our Renaissance needs to be a perfect circle.

The symposium late last year was a fantastic star-studded event. Leading architects from Australia, the UK and New Zealand joined materials experts and speakers from the private and public sector to shed light on how to better understand building materiality. We had over 20 presenters in all.

This ebook covers off on the main learnings from the event, offers additional content including exclusively for our attendees and TFE members, full videos of the indepth interviews we undertook with a selection of our leading speakers as part of the thorough research we like to do ahead of our events.

It was most exciting to find out who’s leading the challenge towards low embodied carbon and building circularity. And why.

The tech giants are among the most powerful leaders; we certainly know how influential they are. Among the most promising developments is the understanding that the solutions to our planet’s ability to survive – and thrive – stem from systems thinking.

The dive into materials with our Spanish-ish inquisition was again a highlight in our event series. Who knew our materials could be so revolutionary?

This is a complex area, full of unexpected innovation, twists and unintended consequences. For instance, is timber really the answer to all our green dreams?

This ebook has a lot of answers but it’s also a great jumping off point to the bigger stories we all need to unravel as soon as possible.

Massive thanks, as always, to our co-lead sponsors, BVN and The Footprint Company, and our supporting sponsors, Built and Atelier Ten.



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