At lunchtime today, wind power and rooftop solar energy were contributing 22.8 per cent of the national energy generation mix, according to the data at Corporate Carbon Advisory’s new live web tool. The tool displays the live state of the Australian energy markets, including the NEM that covers the eastern states, and Western Australia’s Wholesale Energy Market.

The data is updated at five minute intervals and includes wholesale electricity prices, demand, generation and transmission flows, and live data on the contribution being made by wind power projects and rooftop solar.

CCA Executive director Gary Wyatt said the renewables data was included so users could assess the contribution renewable energy sources are making to the energy supply.

“The data displayed is sourced from freely available information across many sites in the public domain. However, through this compilation initiative Corporate Carbon Advisory is attempting to make market data more accessible to a wider range of energy market participants, including renewable energy project developers, financiers and energy consumers,” Mr Wyatt said.

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