Special report: universities and education

Our first special report on our new microsite portal is a major collection of 26 articles that cover a cross-section of the built environment in universities and schools. It reveals great innovation and at times courageous forays into creating more sustainable built environments.

Thanks to lead sponsors Charter Hall and supporting sponsors Curtin University and Monash University.

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Today’s students are global and well informed. They expect the very best in facilities and sustainability and they’re time poor – often working part time or full time. This means they want great locations that offer convenience and connections with the corporate world and of course highly effective teaching.

University leaders are responding by delivering showcase facilities.

Some, like Western Sydney University, are teaming up with developers to become part real estate equity investor, part tenant. Others are divesting not just from coal but from property assets and ploughing resources into better teaching facilities instead.

In today’s global educational marketplace a university’s campus is its calling card.

Huge thanks to all who helped pull this massive special report together. And especially to lead sponsor Charter Hall and to Monash University and Curtin University for joining as supporting sponsors. You made this possible.

See what we discovered in Part 1. Part 2 will be out soon.

Tina Perinotto
Managing editor, The Fifth Estate

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