News from the front desk Issue 475: In all of history, the great hardships and challenges have yielded in their wake the most creative periods for humanity.

So all around us now are the bells of fresh inspiration and energy as we shake off the sudden shock, fear, anger, isolation and simple weirdness of the world suddenly coming to a shuddering, shuttering halt, and get on with co-creating our new future.

The Fifth Estate no less.

As you can imagine, publishers are among the worst hit by the COVID-19 crisis.

But at The Fifth Estate, we’re getting record readership. The demand to be part of our popular Spinifex column is growing strongly. Then we recently heard we have had a massive surge in external links to our site, more than 3000 since late January. (Who’d have thunk it when you’re head down bum up?)

And most wonderful of all is that some of our friends are offering to help with the thing that means so much at these times, financial support.

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Because this is the only thing that will enable us to continue to bring you the quality of service we’ve achieved and are determined to maintain.

This generous dipping into the pockets has been incredibly encouraging, and proof positive that we are valued as a trustworthy – and valuable – news source.

But we need considerably more support. So we’re launching these new programs:

The Fifth Estate Live

A series of weekly live stream broadcasts through Zoom

  • Wednesdays 1 pm-1.45 pm

First cab off the rank on 15 April will focus on our built environment and what to expect under COVID-19. Guests will be Bryon Price of A.G. Coombs, president of the Facility Management Association of Australia and Claire Bird, Litmas Pty Ltd, president, Indoor Air Quality Association Australia.

On 22 April we will feature guests Davina Rooney, chief executive officer Green Building Council of Australia, and Danni Hunter, CEO of Urban Development Institute of Australia Victoria.

Free for members and Greenlisters; $15 for visitors

See here for details

Paid subscriber/members

In the face of a tough advertising and sponsorship environment that’s been our only source of income for 11 years, we’re also turning to you, our readers, to ask more of you to sign up as paid subscribers and members.

We will reward you with:

  • Free access to our new The Fifth Estate Live weekly broadcasts
  • Option to list your support on a new members page

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A new podcast series called Interviews From The Front – How to build a better world.

Our first few have been done, and waiting the final technical finessing before release very soon. First guest is chair of EnegyLab Piers Grove who’s just shored up funding from ARENA for a start-up program, and with his many dealings in the energy and political world knows a thing or two about the mechanics of “how things get done”.

These will be free to access and available for sponsorship.

Corporate Partners

We’ve also launched a new Corporate Partners program that will entitle our partners to a special permanent and prominent acknowledgment on the front page of the website, along with a range of other fantastic benefits over an entire 12 month period, from advertising, supported and partnered content and special access to our advisory services including private briefings.

The Fifth Estate Green Bond

Any advertising or sponsorship package confirmed before 30 April will qualify for the same value again in FY20-21 – at no extra charge.

The Green List

Continuing value for Greenlisters to promote their business. Over the coming weeks, some of our live broadcasts will be directly target the most important issues for Greenlisters to help their business thrive.

Call Tina on 0413 834 574 for information

Or drop us a line at

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  1. Wow. Wonderful new value for us Tina, Poppy and Co. Whilst we readers may not tell you how amazing we think you are. Maybe we have become too complacent because we know you will keep doomg amazing things – because that’s what you do.
    So chuffed that you have two speakers I highly expect and am inspired by. Two people at the top I their game.
    Can’t wait to sample the new Easter goodies.
    Keep up the outstanding work. And thank you for your efforts even if I don’t say it enough.
    Keep pedlin’