Robin Mellon stepping down

Robin Mellon, who is chief executive officer of the Supply Chain Sustainability School, always said he’d be in the job two to three years. So after three years in the role he’s decided to step down.

Mellon has taken on one of the hardest jobs in the ethical/sustainability space, the issue of slavery in our supply chain and the unthinking ways we buy “stuff” without a thought to the origins of the material, the damage their production causes and what impact this has on the people who work on the processes.

In three years this industry and the wider business sector has gone from pretty much zero knowledge to enshrining protections through the Modern Slavery Act 2018.

The not for profit organisation has grown to 2000 members across over 1000 businesses and five part time staff.

Mellon, who has always been a believer in “handing on the baton”, says his three-year mark is a “natural stepping off point.”

His motivation right now is to spend time looking after family, write a book and consider where he can “best apply his skills to achieve the maximum impact”.

He will work with the School’s Advisory Board and incoming CEO to ensure the school goes from strength to strength.

Richard Evans of Talent Nation is managing the replacement search and you can find out more about the role here.

Would Mellon consider stepping into the newly vacated CEO role at the Green Building Council of Australia now that Romilly Madew is moving to the CEO role at Infrastructure Australia?

“I can’t tell you how many calls I’ve had about that. But no, I had a really happy nine years there… and there are some really capable people in this industry who can champion the green building movement.”

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  1. Copy of a post from Trudy-Ann King in a separate job listing, 30 January 2019 at 5:08 pm:
    Given that we currently have a search on for a CEO at the Green Building Council of Australia, Sustainability Supply Chain School of Australia and Living Future Institute of Australia, wouldn’t it be amazing to see the 3 boards coming together to talk about how they could streamline into a single organisation to drive these 3 important initiatives?