The Rocky Mountain Institute co-founded by Amory Lovins and Carbon War Room founded by Richard Branson have announced a merger. The motivation behind combining forces is to accelerate demand and financing for low-carbon energy solutions that are technically feasible and cost-effective, the groups say.

“For more than 32 years, RMI had partnered with industry and business with significant successes in transforming energy use across the transportation, buildings, industrial, and electricity sectors,” Mr Lovins said in a media statement.

“Now, we can capitalise on Carbon War Room’s proven ability to engage and excite corporate executives, entrepreneurs and investors to rally around innovative ideas and take action.”

One of the priority areas for the combined organisation is energy efficiency in buildings, and rapidly expanding global markets, capital flows, and entrepreneurial activity in energy efficiency solutions for the property sector, the highest overall consumer of electricity in the US and also in nations like Australia.

Current RMI chief executive Jules Kortenhorst will lead the alliance, while current CWR president José Maria Figueres will chair a single combined board of trustees.

The combined organisation will have more than 125 full-time employees spilt between RMI’s base in Boulder, Colorado and CWR’s bases in New York and Washington. The individual branding of each not-for-profit will be maintained.